Senior Software Engineer - Back-End

East Bay, CA, United States, Los Angeles, CA, United States, New York, NY, United States, Remote, Seattle, WA, United States, San Francisco, CA, United States, Silicon Valley, CA, United States


Role Locations

  • East Bay, CA, United States
  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • New York, NY, United States
  • Remote
  • Seattle, WA, United States
  • San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Silicon Valley, CA, United States


11 - 25 people


2412 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA, 94110, US

Tech Stack

  • PostgreSQL
  • redis
  • Node.js
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • AWS

Role Description

What You Will Do - Responsible for architecting and maintaining large portions of the infrastructure. - Working with our developers to scope products and features on our infrastructure. - Setting up and maintaining engineering processes as the company scales. - Hiring, cultivating and mentoring new engineers (and other team members) as they join the team. - Set a high bar for execution, both in terms of quality and speed. - Triage bugs discovered in the API platform through error tracking and performance monitoring.

About Finch

Hello there!

The world is moving towards more standardized, open, and interconnected data systems. However, employment infrastructure remains complex, closed, and fragmented. Our mission is to democratize access to the infrastructure that underpins the employment sector, unlock much-needed innovations, and create tremendous economic activities for employers and employees. We are building technology to allow programmatic access (read and write) to employment systems like HR, payroll, and benefits.

We're excited to build with you!

Company Culture

We're a team of problem solvers. We value velocity, curiosity, empathy, and diverse perspectives. Everyone on the team is excited about the scope of the problems we address and our work's potential impact on the global workforce. We realize that the value we provide comes with significant responsibilities, making security and privacy our highest priorities. We come from a diverse set of backgrounds, and each member brings different skills to the group. We're passionate about our crafts, the hobbies we keep, and the relationships that we build. With all this said, our culture will evolve (for the better!) as we continue to grow within the next few months!

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