Flixed Inc.

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$1M - $2M Funding

At Flixed, our view is that a unified discovery layer for streaming should exist. One UI that aggregates content from across the streaming universe, applies your preferences across the content spectrum, and optimizes for one thing — to consistently connect our users with content that they'll love.

Why join us?

  • We are entirely profitable with no venture backing. We've grown 50% in revenue this year and look to double next year.

  • We're a small team of four people looking to add 1 - 3 more engineers. Our profitability allows us to work at our own pace and prioritize building a culture we love. To learn more about our culture see our guiding principles written by Thenuka, our CEO: https://www.notion.so/flixed/Guiding-Principles-ad54974e23bd4b3b9aec26fb64bd583c.

  • Just because we're a small team doesn't mean we're not solving challenging problems! From automating our content blog using static site generation, MDX templating systems and GPT to produce human like, dynamic content. These solutions allow us to build a high margin affiliate business. In the process of building this we've also built a data product that is in the process of becoming the most comprehensive streaming service content data set. One which will allow us to build our own user facing products (web, mobile, smart TV's), but also license to other companies. This data set needs to be comprehensive, across locales and languages. There's no shortage of interesting engineering problems to work on.

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