Backend Engineer

Remote • $121k - $200k


Role Location

  • Remote


$121k - $200k


101 - 250 people


1745 Peachtree St. Nw
Atlanta, GA, 30309, US

Tech Stack

  • Google Cloud
  • Go
  • Kubernetes
  • React
  • React Native
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript

Role Description

FullStory’s mission is to help teams create amazing online experiences for their customers. We do this by applying deep expertise in distributed systems and computer science to build an ambitiously high-scale and high-value platform.

As a backend focused engineer, you’ll help build and improve our powerful, distributed infrastructure for storing petabytes of data. Develop large-scale data science and machine learning systems, develop new visualizations, and architect data processing pipelines. You will also keep our systems secure, scalable, reliable, and keep page latencies low. All for the mission of delivering actionable and truly magical insights to our customers, so they can make better business decisions and improve their products for their users. (“Magic” here is just science and engineering done well!)

This job might be for you if:

  • Have strong CS fundamentals and experience building distributed systems; experience with operational failures of a large distributed system is a plus.
  • Are able to navigate complex open-ended problems with competing constraints, while thinking holistically about product design and scalability.
  • Understand the nuances of distributed architectures and processing pipelines. Nuances here would include not just the obvious types of failures, but also how distributed algorithms can interact with each other problematic ways.
  • Are strongly self-motivated and excited to work collaboratively. Code reviews, design reviews, and pair architecting are the norm. Most of our hard problems are larger than a single engineer. All our hardest problems are larger than a single engineer..

About FullStory

Meet FullStory, the app that captures all your customer experience data in one powerful, easy-to-use platform. Our tiny script unlocks pixel-perfect session playback, automatic insights, funnel analytics, and robust search and segmentation – empowering everyone in your organization to help build the best online experience for your customers.

Company Culture

  • One word — autonomy.
  • Second word — empathy.
  • Third word —👐 FuLlStOrY. 👐
  • Jokes aside, we want people to be motivated to do what needs doing while we provide the necessary resources to do your job. This is the foundation the company has been built on, which has greatly benefited our employees (remote + Atlanta HQ). All of this autonomy is genuinely surrounded by empathy. We want you to be successful here, and we also realize life happens when you least expect it. If something comes up, your coworkers are here to help out and you can honestly rely on them to do so.
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