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11 - 25 Employees
11 - 25 Engineers
Private Funding

Computer Vision and IoT

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Why join us?

  • We are working on cutting edge technologies including computer vision, IoT, DevOps, AWS

  • Its a fast growing company and in last 3 years our YoY growth rate is more than 50%

  • It is a great learning platform for people of all ages and all departments and gives explosure required for your career growth.

Engineering at Futops Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Engineering team and processes

We have primarily following subteams under engineering - * Platform Team * AI/ML Team * Solutions Team * QA Team

We follow best practices with a focus on automation everywhere possible. We support both remote and office setup for our engineering members.

Technical Challenges

We have built a computer vision platform that deals with multiple media streams at once and can analyze them for different outcomes in parallel. It is a great edge computing platform with fog like computing ability.

We deal with problems like analyzing 50+ live streams on RTP/RTSP with a single GPU server and optimize algorithm's performance to fit into available resources still being able to produce desired results with required accuracy.

We are building some cool web applications hosted on AWS cloud and which manages our Edge IoT Computer Vision devices and cameras connected through them.

Projects you might work on
  • SCORER Edge - Computer Vision Platform's edge gateway, scalable platform can run on low footprint devices such as raspberry pi or a large multi GPU machine.

  • Shelf Monitor - A computer vision solution which can keep track of stock at racks and can raise alert when it goes below a given threshold.

  • Thermal Passport - A thermal camera based solution which can issue temparature passport for enterants to an office, can be quite useful for COVID like situations.

  • Traffic Anomaly Detection for Government Agencies using computer vision platform.

Tech stack

Working at Futops Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

We have a mission of designing the future and for that we keep learning something new every day !

Diversity and Inclusion

We love experiments and diversity be it workforce, technology or policies. We have good amount of people working from office and equally good of them working from homes. We have good balance of gender diversity. Basically we do not make any additional efforts or do not monitor any metric, it is all natural. Anyone with whatever background if aligns well with our goal of Designing the Future, is most welcomed.

We have various initiatives focusing on learning and delivering high quality software. Anyone who loves to solve challenges other have not solved earlier, is welcomed. Those who outperform have no limits to grow within Futops as an individual.

We do not distinguish individuals as such and opportunities are same for everyone. In terms of support we have policies to encourage each and everyone to participate in various learning opportunities provided to team here. We have Ideapreneour policy for the most talented people to own their own pie while not compromising on safety of their Job.

Perks & benefits
  • Workshops/Conferences

    We conduct weekly workshopts/conferences internally every week. Besides we encourage our people to attend various such workshopts which adds value to their learning.

  • Flexible Hours

    We care about productive not hours. As long as you are productive at work, hours doent matter.

  • Work from Home

    We let our engineers work from home if it is not affecting team's outcome.

  • Dedicated Human Resources team

    We have a dedicated HR team to help our people grow and focus on learnings.

Our Team by the Numbers

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