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< 10 employees
< 10 engineers
$2m - $5m funding
Pre-series a

We're Fuzzbuzz and we're building a fuzzing as a service platform that integrates into CI systems and the modern testing ecosystem.

Fuzzing is a type of automated testing that generates and runs thousands of inputs per second against your application to try and find bugs, vulnerabilities and unexpected behaviour.

The space has remained largely unchanged since 2014. As such, there hasn't been much adoption by developers (clunky tools that don't work or are extremely hard to run in the development lifecycle). We are fixing that by changing the way developers write, interact and run fuzzing jobs.

Join us on our mission to make fuzzing an industry standard!

Why join us?

  • We're currently a team of 4 people and prefer staying small - allowing us to iterate faster and get very comfortable working with each other. By joining Fuzzbuzz at this critical early stage, as one of our first team members, you'll be shaping not only our product, but our company & engineering culture as well.

  • We're backed by some of the best tech investors, so you don't have to worry about not getting paid. Some of our investors include: - Fuel Capital (first investors in Pagerduty, CoreOS, Figma, etc) - Solomon Hykes (Founder @ Docker) - Flo Leibert (Founder @ Mesosphere) - Spencer Kimball (Founder @ CockroachDB) - Michael Stoppelman (CTO @ Yelp)

  • Working on a technical product means working with very technical people. We embrace technical challenges and take them head-on. We use tools/frameworks because they get the job done, not because they're the current flavor of the month.

Engineering at Fuzzbuzz

Engineering team and processes

The great part about joining Fuzzbuzz so early is that you can have a significant impact on the structure and processes that we employ.

Currently, we run 2 week sprints with loosely defined tasks (a lot of the time, we know the end goal, but don't necessarily know how we'll get there). Other than that, we have ad hoc demos, talks, etc where we collaborate on current problems and challenges that we're having (technical as well as business). We think having lots of strict processes at our stage is counterproductive.

Technical Challenges

Our platform runs fuzzing jobs in the cloud. This means taking source code, instrumenting it to work with our fuzzer, compiling it, then distributing it to run on hundreds of VMs. Once the jobs are running, we need to stream metadata (build logs, tests/s, code paths found, etc), detect, minify & deduplicate bugs before showing the user a nice stacktrace, code coverage report and let them replicate it locally. All of this requires unique solutions across the stack.

Tech stack

Working at Fuzzbuzz

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited, guilt-free PTO

  • Free Food

    The team goes out to lunch every day

  • Beautiful Office

    We're a 10 minute walk from the Caltrain in Redwood City and right beside a bunch of restaurants. All our employees get a standing desk, Herman Miller chairs, custom workspace and highest tier Macbook Pro.

  • Flexible Hours
  • Health Insurance

    Full medical, vision & dental

  • Transportation

    We cover caltrain & parking

  • Relocation

    Let us know - we'll be more than happy to cover your relocation costs :)

Our Team by the Numbers

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