Silicon valley
101 - 250 employees
26 - 50 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Pre-series a

We're a company health and wellness platform that makes it easy for companies to keep their employees healthy and feeling great. We're starting with food as that's the most fundamental piece of better health.

Our first product provides offices with health snacks, customized to their preferences using our software. We've built our own internal software to manage the supply chain from end to end and we can use this to expand into delivering new products over time.

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Why join us?

  • We care deeply about what we do — Everyone at the company is deeply passionate about our mission and enjoys what they're working on. We're starting with delivering healthy food and then plan to expand into other areas of health like sleep tracking and activity monitoring. We're going to be the platform that every company in the world uses to make sure their teams are feeling happy and healthy.

  • We're small, but already have traction — We're a young company but we've already signed up large enterprises as our customers. We work with Amazon, Apple, Y Combinator and many other companies.

  • We're growing fast — We've hit a very exciting growth trajectory, tripling our revenue over last year and we're now putting all the systems in place to really grow and scale this year. We've raised funding from top investors including Y Combinator.

  • We have a great team — Our team is especially strong, we've had engineers from Google, Microsoft, Apple and Tesla leave to join us.

Engineering at Garten

Technical Challenges

We use the latest technologies like React Native, you'll be using and building experience with the most up to date tools possible here.

We want engineers here to interact directly with our customers and figure out needs to be built rather than just being assigned work.

Our belief is we can use technology and automation to remove a lot of the human work involved in supply chain management. We've already automated parts of the supplier side buying process, using our own custom software which is well ahead of the existing legacy systems for doing this.

Tech stack
React Native

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