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Paying bills sucks. It sucks even more for about a third of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, and struggling to pay bills on time. About 100 million Americans are at risk of paying overdraft fees if they auto-pay their bills, and are forced to manually log into and pay up to 10 biller accounts each month. Why are so many people wasting their time and energy manually paying bills to avoid overdraft fees? Because they are not using Gerald!

Gerald is on a mission to eliminate stress about paying bills. Gerald provides consumers with overdraft and late fees protection for their household bills. We are transforming bill payments by providing consumers with an application for linking and automatically paying biller accounts. Our app tracks and pays bills so our users don’t have to. We offer banking services; direct deposits, credit building, cash advance and rewards to simplify bill payments for both billers accounts and consumers.

Our platform combines fintech, payments, and big data to create an empowering and rewarding user experience for making timely bill payments.

Gerald is a Y Combinator-backed technology company based in New York. Our founding team has deep expertise in financial services, product engineering, data science, and machine learning, as well as degrees from MIT, Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, and Yale.

Why join us?

  • An interesting fact to point here is that we were selected to be a part of the Y-Combinator program, which has an extremely low acceptance rate (less than 3%). Each year thousands of startups apply to it but only a few get to be a part of their program.

    We're looking to hire our core team members. It is going to be a challenging role given the scale of growth that we're expecting post raising our Series A round of funding in the next few months. The product is already receiving a lot of traction. One of the amazing feedback that we've received is that our product has the potential of becoming a unicorn in its domain.

  • We work in a fast paced environment and are experiencing rapid growth, both in our team as well as the product. If you are a fan of startup culture and would like to be a part of the core team members while creating a foundation of processes for the other team members to follow, this is the right opportunity for you.

  • If you like to take ownership of your work and would like to have your space where you can experiment and run your ideas, it will be a good idea to collaborate. We also have a very tight feedback loop, which enables you to get the ideas cross-team and implement/adapt quickly to them.

    We stress on bringing in team members with high Emotional Quotient (EQ), because we want to stay far from micromanaging the team. That's why our work schedule, time-offs and leave structures are extremely flexible. We want to make sure to empower our employees so that it increases their productivity at work.

Engineering at Gerald Technologies, Inc.

Engineering team and processes

Most of our team members are from the Engineering domain. Our Data Science team is based out in the US while our Engineering team is based out of India.

We are an agile team and run weekly sprints. We ship code daily, and each deployment goes through a couple of stages after the engineer submits a Pull Request(PR). We have a PR workflow on BitBucket and once the PR is approved it goes through our CI/CD workflow where the software is built & tested and if everything works fine, it is deployed to our staging servers on AWS automatically. Once tested on staging servers, the deployment is pushed to production.

Tech stack

Working at Gerald Technologies, Inc.

Our team is all about having a growth mindset and helping each other recognize and develop it further. We continuously encourage our peers to see what they can learn from a situation.

We love it when our team members are experimental in their approach at work and choose not to go ahead with a gut feeling, rather test out different approaches and let the results/data/metrics speak for themselves. We know that sometimes we might fail as well, but that does not make us afraid to experiment. We want all of our team members to enjoy their journey of learning with us and not be driven only by making everything around them successful - we want to be a part of each team member's journey with us as they experience growth along the way.

We have a heavy cross team collaboration and value the team's feedback. We do not practice top-down accountability - even our CEO is as accountable to the rest of the team as we are to each other. Our team believes in having a high critical thinking ability, as this enables us to make decisions very quickly.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Earlier this year, one of our employees went on a full 1-month paid vacation - with a strict DO NOT WORK during this period instruction. :)

  • Flexible Hours

    Since we have team members from different time-zones working with us, it matters to us that the work is done rather than focusing on the number of hours clocked. You have the flexibility to choose what hours in a day work, with exceptions such as: daily stand up calls and team meetings.

  • Work from Home

    We are a fully remote working team. We plan on opening up offices in several locations.

    With that said, we expect to continue to be remote friendly forever!

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