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$1m - $2m funding
Pre-series a

We are created a tool that will help finance teams for small and medium businesses do a more effective job at managing their vendor spend.

Why join us?

  • Our CEO is Howard Katzenberg who is a CFO with deep industry experience at Better Mortgage and OnDeck. The product that we are building addresses a problem that he identified in his previous work experience.

  • We have runway through Q3 of 2021 and we have numerous companies who are interested in bringing us in.

  • Because of the economic environment, companies are looking to run more efficiently. Our product directly addresses that goal.

Engineering at Glean

Engineering team and processes

The first step of our process is to identify what are the current challenges that the team needs to solve. Next, everyone in the organization proposes strategies to address those challenges and then we prioritize which challenges we want to work on. We then execute those strategies and then reflect on their success or failure.

The structure of our team currently includes a Head of Product, a Head of Engineering and one full time employee who is a front end engineer. We also have a number of contractors who are working with us.

We make us of CI/CD and Devops heavily. We firmly believing in using technology to rapidly experiment and improve our product.

Technical Challenges

Our biggest technical challenges are around comprehending data that is in PDFs and then also analyzing that data to be able to provide our users insight into their vendor spending.

Projects you might work on
  • Build the pipeline

    This project is all about creating a pipeline for processing invoices in a scalable way. We are currently in the midst of this project and will continue to iterate on our solution for some time. Success for this project will look like us being able to process hundreds of invoices with minimal human involvement. This involves writing lambdas in python and typescript to build both internal and external applications to get accurate invoice data into the database and then to visualize that data in delightful way.

  • Provide Gleans

    This project is all about providing useful insight into the vendor spend. Gleans are insights into vendor spend that are derived from analyzing the data in our database. The engineering work that will go into this is to help get the data into an analytics database and then ensure that our data team can perform analysis effectively.

Tech stack

Working at Glean

We are very intentional about our culture. We want to provide an environment where each member of our team is doing work that they are excited about. We also want to focus on the development of our team and it is important that each member of our team sees how they work that they do affects the company.

We also value diversity and respect greatly. We know that the most successful teams are diverse teams. And that's what we want to build.

We want to avoid motivating people through pressure to work hard hours. We value our people and want to see them thrive both personally and professionally.

Perks & benefits
  • Work from Home

    During COVID, our team is completely remote.

  • Flexible Hours

    Our team is very distributed across the globe so we have to be flexible with our hours.

  • Health Insurance

    We use JustWorks as our HR provider and through them we provide health insurance.

  • Transportation

    JustWorks offers a pretax transportation benefit.

  • Team Activities

    We have weekly happy hours every Thursday. Drinking is completely optional! And we will have non-alcoholic events as well.

Our Team by the Numbers

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