Grand Rounds

501+ employees
101 - 250 engineers
$100m+ funding
Series d

Grand Rounds provides an employer-based solution that gives employees and their families the technology, information and support they need to make life’s most critical choices—whether and where to receive medical treatment.

The fastest way for employers to curb healthcare costs without cutting corners, Grand Rounds delivers enhanced patient outcomes and engagement to groups ranging from 1,000-member firms to Fortune 50 employers.

The world’s leading companies are putting Grand Rounds to work in offering their employees an all-access pass to the best in American medicine.

Why join us?

  • Technical challenges - Incredibly complex technical challenges, transforming a 17 trillion dollar, monolithic industry into a modern, SaaS-based series of data-driven experiences.

  • Mission-driven and making a difference — It's our mission to deliver the best care to everyone and save lives through better patient outcomes. We have a great team who really believes in that mission and who work to bring it about with empathy and expertise.

  • We value our employees — We offer highly competitive benefits, including everyone’s-an-owner compensation, generous vacation, strong health, dental and life insurance options, generous leave for new parents (biological or adopted), and access to our own life-saving products.

Engineering at Grand Rounds

Engineering team and processes

Platform Engineering at Grand Rounds: The Platform Engineering team at Grand Rounds builds the foundational components and services that allows our technology teams deliver the business applications which drive the insights from healthcare needed to match our members with the highest quality providers.

Why we need you: Patient data portability is the key to modern healthcare, and your team will be directly responsible for exposing the interfaces and access to data that will lead to differentiating innovation for our organization.

As a key part of our platform services team, you'll be redefining our platform into an API-first service oriented architecture. Some challenges you will solve: authentication and authorization, low latency APIs with end-to-end tracing, and the implementation of event sourcing and CQRS patterns.

We're built on Amazon Web Services and are widely adopting GraphQL along with the industry FHIR standard. Our applications are primarily written in Ruby, but we believe in using the best tools, techniques, framework or languages for the job. We have an internally-defined techradar architecture process where new technologies are constantly vetted through assess, trial, and adoption phases.

Technical Challenges

We want to bring the best accessible user experience our Members. To do this we're investing in delivering mobile first, and quickly iterating on the next generation of our mobile experience.

We've been very successful as a company and our platform has delivered better outcomes for our Members. The challenges we face on this front are building for the next generation of scale we need going forward. On a systems level, the challenges are defining the correct business contests and breaking up a monolithic platform to leverage a larger service oriented architecture to achieve this.

We're ingesting very large data sets to gain the insights we need to inform Members of the best doctors and best treatment decisions. To support this, we're building data pipelines, ETL and warehousing, and data services to gain insight, creating data models, and ultimately surfacing those to our patients in product.

To deliver at the pace we need to, we're re-investing in the automation around our continuous integration and delivery pipelines. Creating a modern development environment where teams are autonomous, loosely coupled and tightly aligned.

Projects you might work on
  • Consolidated API schema using Apollo Server to perform schema stitching across a number of microservices.

  • DevOn allows development on a single service, locally backed by a sandboxed version of our platform, running in the cloud using Docker and Envoy.

  • Encrypted Kinesis payloads via Envoy sidecars enabling applications to encrypt and decrypt payloads that are communicated over Kinesis.

  • Automated infrastructure using Packer to build machine images as part of our CI/CD pipeline.

  • Migrated from Cloudwatch to Terraform and the wide adoption of infrastructure as code. Created a Dockerized deployment infrastructure backed by Amazon ECS.

Tech stack
React Native
Apache Spark

Working at Grand Rounds

  • We keep patients as our ultimate focus, no matter our function or role.

    • We question with courage. We listen with humility.
    • We win (and celebrate!) as a team.
    • We're eager to offer kindness, curiosity, and humor.
    • We aim for impact, not perfection. We deliver results that matter.
Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Beautiful Office
  • Health Insurance
  • 401(k) Contribution
Our Team by the Numbers

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