501+ employees
101 - 250 engineers
$25m - $50m funding

Granular builds technology to help farmers run stronger businesses and steward the land for generations to come. We work with industry experts, scientists, and growers to build software that helps farmers make smart choices, whether it's determining which land to buy, which seeds to purchase, or developing a comprehensive understanding of their financials.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Our team has been tasked with the important mission to help farmers feed people, and we are already delivering on that promise today. And with the backing of Corteva Agriscience, a Fortune 500 leader, we have the needed resources to help make sure that we continue to feed the world’s growing population.

  • Work for a team where working more hours is never the answer. We want people who can stay here long-term and build a career, and that can’t happen if you’re burned out working late nights and weekends. All our engineers take part in project estimation and planning so that we can achieve our goals while still having lives outside of work.

  • Granular has grown a lot in recent years and is currently in a maturation stage. We still get excited about shipping features and talking with customers, but we’re also able to “measure twice and cut once” more than startups have the opportunity to. We’re at the size and stage where we’re able to directly see the benefits of implementing best practices (documentation, testing, architecture review, etc) and we’re able to allocate the time and resources to do them.

Engineering at Granular

Engineering team and processes

The Granular engineering organization is broken into several product-focused groups and a single shared services group. Each group is subdivided into smaller teams, with the average team size being around 5 engineers. All of our teams work with partners in Design, Product Management, and QA, and some teams also have embedded Data Scientists. By default, engineering teams follow agile best practices but they also have the freedom to adjust as they see best.

Granular has offices in four locations (San Francisco CA (HQ), Johnston IA, Champaign IL, and Cumming GA) and it’s not uncommon to collaborate with people in different offices for larger projects, but we try to colocate teams as much as possible.

In terms of tools and buzzwords, here are a few of the ones that mean something to us: 2-week sprints, JIRA, GitLab, Jenkins, Bitrise, AWS, Kubernetes, Kotlin Native, code reviews, and microservice architecture.

Technical Challenges

Many Granular teams deal with very large geospatial datasets. Granular Business ingests data from farming equipment and transforms it in order to provide growers with insight into their planting and harvesting tasks. AcreValue is tasked with providing key agricultural metrics on all farmland in the United States. In order to do this, they must consume many millions of land boundaries and calculate information, such as: crop history, soil composition, ownership information, and more. They’ve built and continue to extend a data pipeline to work with bulk data, as well as custom shapes that customers draw and get results in real time.

Granular’s mobile apps are designed to give our customers access to their data wherever they may be, even if they’re in the middle of a field. As such we’ve had to build robust offline support into all of our apps, along with the ability to be sensitive to the varying network conditions that you encounter in rural conditions.

Projects you might work on
  • AcreValue engineering has worked closely with our data science team to create, maintain, and extend a robust and performant geospatial data ingest system. The output of this system is used to power the AcreValue map and reporting features, as well as generating the training data needed to continually refine our automated land valuation model. As our users ask for new information about land, or our data scientists require new predictors to improve our valuation model, we continually add new data sources to fulfill those needs. We are working to reduce the time it takes to do our quarterly updates from weeks to days.

  • Granular Business is built to track and report on a lot of complex operational and financial data. We are currently building out the next generation of our reporting infrastructure to allow us to scale with our quickly growing customer base. This involves setting up a new Postgres database, using Kafka to stream events to it, and investigating different front-end options so our users can slice and dice the data however they need it. Now is a great time to get involved and help lay the groundwork for the most powerful reporting system in AgTech!

  • Granular Business’ Mobile team is working with a large and monolithic legacy Java Android app that we plan to take apart piece by piece and convert into a modular Kotlin architecture. We'll also be experimenting with Kotlin Multiplatform to write business logic once and ship it twice! Feature-wise, we have exciting machine learning components coming up, which will leverage TensorFlow to identify and correlate text and numbers within images to automatically pull data into our systems. In general, we will be completely redesigning and rebuilding the Granular Business mobile application over the next year, and this role is an opportunity to get in during the planning phase and influence our strategy.

Tech stack
iOS Development

Working at Granular

Even though we are no longer a startup, we still embody many of the positive aspects of startup culture. To us, that means more than just having beer in the fridge and dogs in the office. It means we all understand our mission and work hard to achieve it together. We take risks and experiment with new ideas. We are quickly building features and infrastructure so that we can outpace our competitors and be the leaders in our industry. Most importantly, we work with smart, down-to-earth people who are laser-focused on delivering the best software in agriculture.

Perks & benefits
  • Pet Friendly
  • Flexible Hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Team Activities
  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • Beautiful Office
  • Free Food
  • Transportation
  • Philanthropic Contributions
  • Workshops/Conferences
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