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Greywing digitises everything to do with vessel operations and OPEX. We track vessels and optimise where and when they embark crew, fuel, supplies and spare parts. We are to vessel operations what Flexport is to freight.

Right now the tech competition in shipping is minimal and we have a great opportunity with clients, funding and a team lead by a maritime domain expert and a 10 year engineer.

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Why join us?

  • The only reason you should join this company is because you want to bring technology into a laggard industry (maritime) that traditionally has been resistant to change and where no tech companies have succeeded, so far.

    Our combination of deep industry knowledge and the leading edge of back end development gives Greywing an edge.

    The value of all ships is a Trillion USD. The activity that happens in shipping is many times more than that. We play to win; if you are looking for a big market to disrupt, this is it.

  • We are a YC start up with 2.5M USD in funding, we want a small team that can move fast and redefine an industry. We have paying clients, revenue and a 5M USD pipeline of business, our main challenge is delivery with a small team.

  • You want to solve hard real world problems and optimise whether a vessel goes to Singapore, Rotterdam or Houston.

Engineering at Greywing

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team operates on a weekly deployment cycle. We are a flat team, with a product roadmap that interleaves both exciting new projects as well as maintenance and routine conversations with users.

Being a small team, we have only as much possible as needed, operating with strongly-structured tickets and a roadmap on Notion, as well as an internal tool for communications and integrations. There are no heavy splits in the team other than frontend-biased and backend-biased, so with us you'll find yourself doing what you like to do, and what needs to be done.

Technical Challenges

Greywing is a maritime intelligence tool that enables ship managers to conduct operations and save thousands of dollars by providing actionable insight into the decisions they make. Simply put, we process hundreds of thousands of points of information about a vessel to tell them where it should go and what it should do.

We are backed by the people at Y Combinator, Instacart and Flexport. We work with the world's largest ship managers and operators to make the global shipping network more efficient while protecting the people who make sure our world runs smoothly.

In the past year, we've conducted charter flight operations for vessels calling at Singapore, helped evacuate wounded crew that would not have been possible otherwise, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted fuel and resources.

For a deeper technical overview of our software, you can read our Hacker News Launch.

For the insatiably curious, you may find more information on our blog or our CTO's Writing.

Projects you might work on
  • Mapping software for customer use was clunky and borderline unusable until Google Maps. While it was full of innovations on the backend - from AJAX to tiling - the interface was what made it an overnight success. The same can be said of Uber, where completing a flow from opening the app to getting in a car required barely any movement of your finger while holding your phone. The right interface primitives are often domain-dependent and can have a greater impact than the underlying technology.

    Maritime software is still in its infancy. Do a quick Google and you'll see that interfaces look like they were designed on FrontPage in 2008 - and this is the state across the ecosystem. Decisions that govern millions of dollars in cargo and hundreds of thousands of tons of iron and steel are made through excel sheets, email, and pencil and paper. We have a rare opportunity to lay down how maritime will interact digitally for the next decade, if we get this right.

Tech stack

Working at Greywing

Our company culture is Hrishi (CTO) and Nick (CEO). Hrishi develops and Nick does anything related to the business.

We are pretty competent and just get things done, we catch up and hang out but it is primarily work focused. We each have clearly defined missions and we execute. Ideally at this stage of the business, we will bring on people who can execute and when they don't know what the next steps are, reach out for guidance.

Hrishi and I are good friends, but that is a friendship borne out mutual respect and hard work. We want to have a culture where people work hard and get along well and become good friends, but where you have a life and friends outside of work.

We respect one another and the clearest sign of this is we don't interrupt one another. It seems like a small thing to mention, but that's how it is.

Diversity and Inclusion

We recruit competent people. We are keen on competence wherever we can find it.

We find that people who are good at what they do, work hard and deliver on a consistent basis really enjoy working with other people at a similar level.

We do not tolerate dead weight in engineering or in business roles. It the leaderships job to keep people that don't want to excel out of the team.

Perks & benefits
  • Flexible Hours

    We work remotely and whilst the business team needs to be on Singapore hours, the Dev team can work on mutually agreeable schedules across timelines.

  • Work from Home
  • Visa Support

    Can sponsor VISAs for immigration to Singapore.

Our Team by the Numbers

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