Data Engineer

New York, NY, United States


Role Location

  • New York, NY, United States


251 - 500 people


419 Park Ave S Rm 1407
New York, NY, 10016, US

Tech Stack

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Express
  • AWS
  • Scala
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript

Role Description

Experience and Skills Our data engineers do these kinds of things:

Pull, clean, augment and master data coming from a variety of public and private sources. This goes way beyond simple ETL - we’re preparing data sets that will be used to power machine learning algorithms, not just pulling data out of a database to display in a graph.

Work within a Spark/Scala environment from notebooks through mature pipelines. Our data engineers are equally comfortable writing Scala code to normalize names or pulling together disparate notebook functions into a reusable class architecture.

Explore new ways to extract signal from data, including novel algorithms and approaches. Our most challenging problems within data engineering require a good understanding of both computer science and math (especially linear algebra and probability) Build out scalable data pipelines on top of AWS infrastructure. Understanding Terraform/Ansible is a plus here, but experience with the AWS stack is necessary (especially Elastic Beanstalk and EMR)

Above all, the data engineering we do at H1 is code-centric, not tool-centric. ETL tools like Talend, Informatica, and the like are all great, but our use case is much more about data analysis than it is about moving and joining data together. For this reason we’re looking for candidates who are comfortable in the Scala/Spark framework.

About H1

We are helping connect the medical world. We process data on healthcare providers, pharma companies, drugs, research, etc - and help make this accessible and understandable to people in the medical world that need it most through our web and mobile apps.

Our belief is that good technology, applied thoughtfully, can greatly increase the productivity of the medical world - and ultimately lead to a healthier global population.

Company Culture

We care about improving the global population's health. The skills each of us brings to H1, or learns at H1 are our tools to reach this goal.

We all have different strengths and experiences - and that is why H1 seeks smart, diverse, ambitious, and ego-free people.

... and while working to help people may be a serious endeavor, we're actually a pretty lighthearted and goofy group of people.

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