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HH Development creates software that is used in professional motorsport. Our software is used by teams to manage their strategy during races, analyze competitors performance, and collect data to help make informed setup decisions on their own cars.

Why join us?

  • We are well established in our industry. Within the championships that we support, the majority of the teams are working with us. We have great relationships with our customers and we work together with them to deliver the best software we can.

  • We work with many automotive manufacturers. This is a great opportunity to work with top level engineers from the motorsport industry and learn from them while helping them solve their engineering problems with software.

  • Our revenue has more than doubled every year since the company started. This shows that the products we create are needed by our customers and there is the potential to grow even further.

Engineering at HH Development Limited

Engineering team and processes

We aim to release new versions of our software every 2-4 weeks. We use Jira to manage the stories and releases and use Bitbucket pull requests for code review. Since we are a remote company we use Glip and Basecamp as the main communication channels outside Jira and Bitbucket. We have a CI pipeline using Teamcity and Octopus Deploy.

Technical Challenges
  • We work with users who have a wide variety of skill sets and time available to learn how to use our software. Some users expect to be able to open the software 5 minutes before a session and have it work for them, whereas some users are willing to spend hours learning the software. We have to be able to meet expectations of customers coming from each of these extremes
  • Because we work in a competitive environment, sometimes there is a lot of problem solving with time constraints. If its the middle of the race and an issue comes up, we need to find a solution as quickly as possible
  • The offline synchronization in our HH Data Management project poses some interesting technical challenges. When the user is connected to the internet we want the software to function as if it is a live collaboration. When they lose the network connection, we want them to have access to 100% functionality of the software. We want the software to seamlessly transition between these two states
Projects you might work on
  • HH Timing is a timing and strategy software that is used around the world. This software is written in VB.Net and C# using WinForms as the UI framework. We are currently looking to start work on the next iteration of HH Timing to improve all the weaknesses we and our customers have identified with the current version.

  • HH Data Management is a database software where teams can record all of the data that is generated during an event. It is a collaborative tool, allowing everyone in the team to follow along with all of the information. With our internally developed offline synchronization framework users can use the software any time they want and all changes are merged with the server as soon as an internet connection is reestablished. This software is written in C#. Our main focus is on a desktop WPF client, but we also have a Xamarin Forms client and ASP.Net Core client.

  • Branching from both HH Timing and HH Data Management we have a number of consulting projects to develop custom tools for clients built on top of these software. These projects allow you to work with a single customer to implement more specific features.

Tech stack
Microsoft SQL Server

Working at HH Development Limited

We are a small team who is committed to delivering software to our customers that helps them to do their jobs more efficiently and exceeds their expectations. We look for people who want to work independently and are able to contribute to the direction the company, rather than simply following along.

Perks & benefits
  • Work from Home

    As we are a remote company, all of our employees work from home full-time.

  • Generous Vacation

    We do not limit vacation. Our only priority is that work gets finished to a high level and on time.

  • Flexible Hours

    As we are a remote company, with employees in North America, South America, Europe and Australia we have very flexible hours. The only thing we ask is that your a relatively consistent in your hours and its clearly communicated when you are and are not working.

  • Travel

    If interested there is a possibility of travel to events around the world, to support our customers.

  • Other

    If you are interested in motorsport, or even more generally working in a competitive industry then this is an ideal job for you. You can work on features in our software, on Friday, and watch a race on the weekend knowing that people are using this feature to help them win a race.

Our Team by the Numbers

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