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11 - 25 Employees
11 - 25 Engineers
Private Funding
Pre-Series A

We believe in the economic empowerment of creators and community builders, and we're on a mission to accelerate the growth of vibrant internet communities. To achieve this, we’re building the leading no-code platform for anyone to mint, manage, buy and sell NFTs that unlock community membership.

Active Roles

Why join us?

  • We're a highly experienced 6-person team (ex-Square, DoorDash & Instagram) and growing fast. We're well-funded, seasoned professionals and, for the right candidates, this journey is going to be extremely interesting, fast-paced, and rewarding.

  • What we're building is at the frontier of web3 and our mission will be both impactful and rewarding — what we believe will be the first mainstream blockchain powered non-financial platform. As folks that recently left large consumer tech companies, web3 at the startup stage right now is a very exhilarating time. It's invigorating to be working in this space at such an early stage, and we can't wait to show the world what we're building.

  • Our product roadmap is honed and validated, and we have household names lining up to use our platform once we launch. This is the result of deep customer discovery over the last few months. With clear interest, we have a lot of confidence in our strategy and a ready set of initial users that will help drive growth quickly.

Engineering at Highlight (www.highlight.xyz)

Engineering team and processes

We are a remote engineering team that operates in one-week sprints. We hold synchronous team meetings to coordinate goals at the beginning of the week, discuss large technical designs and decisions, and to socialize, but otherwise default to asynchronous coordination through Google Docs, Github pull requests, and Slack. We hold retros at the end of every major launch or incident to constantly improve how we work together. To foster personal bonds, we hold periodic in person off site meetings in fun locations. We’re a seasoned team and emphasize both autonomy and mentorship, depending on the needs of each person on the team.

Technical Challenges

We ship best in class, consumer facing user experiences on top of blockchain technologies which were not designed to deliver best in class UX.

We are blockchain agnostic, which gives teammates the opportunities to constantly learn cutting edge technologies that are highly valuable skills to have.

We do this quickly, securely, and at scale in a web3 environment where one mistake can be encoded on the blockchain forever.

Projects you might work on
  • You would build a smart contract based distributed marketplace with specialized NFT types that provide unique functionality.

  • You would build a consumer facing web application that allows mainstream consumers to interact with smart contracts and NFTs in a manner that is understandable to non-technical users and has comparable performance to web 2.0 applications.

  • You would build the ability to verify attendance at real world events and issue NFTs to those who have attended. This involves using a variety of signals, including but not limited to users’ GPS coordinates.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails

Working at Highlight (www.highlight.xyz)

We're a small, very high-performing team. We ship quality products that work at scale. We're looking for relentless builders that value working on a seasoned team to create something truly new and exciting. As a remote-first company, we prioritize direct communication and team bonding through fun and interesting off-sites in various parts of North America at least once per quarter.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe strongly in building a diverse and inclusive team and culture. While we're just getting started, we believe the actions we take from the very beginning will define how inclusive and diverse we become over time. So, we started by raising 50% of our pre-seed round from female and URM investors.

We’re an equal opportunity employer and we value a diverse team – people who identify as women, non-binary or gender non-conforming, LGBTQIA+, American Indian or Native Alaskan, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latinx, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, differently-abled, caretakers and parents, and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.

In keeping with our beliefs and goals, no employee or applicant will face discrimination or harassment based on: race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, age, gender, marital/domestic partner status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability status, or veteran status.

Above and beyond discrimination and harassment based on “protected categories,” we also strive to prevent other exclusionary behavior (e.g., stereotyping) from ever gaining a foothold in our company.

Whether blatant or hidden, barriers to success have no place at Highlight.

Connect with our team during your hiring process

As part of our commitment to an inclusive workplace, we are happy to offer prospective engineers the chance to connect with our engineering employees who come from underrepresented backgrounds. It’s a way to get a better sense of our team and what it might be like to work with us.

If you’re interested in connecting with our team, be sure to bring this up during one of our introductory calls!

Perks & benefits
  • Travel
  • Philanthropic Contributions
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • Company Retreats
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Work from Home
  • Prioritizes diversity in hiring
  • Team Activities
  • Workshops/Conferences
  • Health Insurance
  • Flexible Hours
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Visa Support
  • Generous Vacation
  • Pet Friendly
  • Social impact driven

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