Higia, Inc.

11 - 25 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$5m - $10m funding
Pre-series a

By working with us, you will contribute to the creation of a product that allows radiologists to interpret studies remotely in a fraction of the standard time. This translates to more patients receiving timely detection and monitoring for all types of conditions.

Why join us?

  • Higia is solving one of the worlds toughest problems on healthcare for developing countries. Eva has 25+ engineers, mathematicians, PhDs in physics, and designers working night-and-day with the mission of saving lives.

  • Eva is one of the best funded hard-tech companies in Latin America with more than $5 Million USD from Khosla Ventures, Hummingbird VC, Ashton Kutcher, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Eva is one of the few MedTech startups accepted to Y Combinator, the world's most prestigious startup accelerator. Eva has been recognized with Mexico Presidential Medal for Innovation and Technology, named one of Forbes 30 most promising businesses of 2018, and as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world by the Kairos Society.

Engineering at Higia, Inc.

Engineering team and processes

It depends on the team (software, product dev, hardware, etc). Every team is extremely autonomous and we expect the same of all our engineers. We have weekly all-hands meetings and we use an internal tool we call Team Tracker as a daily standup and as an employee Bookface. Every team has a weekly or bi-weekly meeting to set objectives and focus on what really matters. Every employee has a monthly one-on-one with the CEO of the company.

Technical Challenges

Everything is a challenge, we are building a portable, non-invasive, personal, and accessible wearable device that could detect breast cancer better than the current gold standard . We are innovating body simulation techniques for data augmentation and tumor characterization, constant iteration of machine learning models to improve sensitivity and specificity, reliable hardware development for accurate thermal sensing, etc.

Projects you might work on
  • Machine Learning - We are pioneering breast simulations techniques that are anatomically accurate and help us for data augmentation to improve the sensitivity and specificity of our models and also allow us to estimate tumor characteristics such as size, vascularization, the rate of growth, etc. (this is something that has never been done before)

  • Product development - We have the challenge of building a world-class product with an incredible user experience, must be under 180 USD in production cost, and it must be able to be manufacturable in a very large scale.

  • Software - Giving a risk assessment to a patient is not enough, we need to guide her through next steps (doctor appointment, screening tests, biopsy, etc). Our App has the challenge of integrating an extremely fragmented medical/healthcare system.

Tech stack

Working at Higia, Inc.

The Higia Team is composed of people with a passion for solving extraordinary technical problems. These are people who aren’t afraid to raise their standards as high as possible, because they know that if they don’t work at the limit of their abilities, they aren’t constantly evolving.

The Higia Team is also made up of people who are aware that there is always a better way to do things. They are people that, before starting work on an ambitious project or objective, they first try to kill it. They are people who work with purpose and everytime ask themselves if what they are about to do really adds value to the company.

The Higia Team is composed of people who are constantly introspective; people who don’t assume everything they think is true and know that the first and most important thing is to not lie to themselves.

Professionals with ambition, who take risks, learn from their mistakes and don’t lose their humility in the pursuit of their ambitions. People who know that resilience is the best tool we have when trying to change the world.

People who demonstrate that quality always wins, and who create extraordinary designs and infrastructures, world-class products, and the best content for our community; all of this without compromising or sacrificing what is best for our users. People with bravery and courage to give and receive honest feedback with full honesty and sincerity.

People who know that neither competitors, nor the “bad economy” kill good companies, but rather mediocrity, lack of focus, and bad products do.

Perks & benefits
  • Work from Home

    We let engineers work from home as often as they want if that does not affect communciation and productiviry.

  • Free Food

    We have weekly BBQs and every Friday we sponsor food for our all-hands meetings. There are allways snacks in the office.

  • Company Retreats

    We have retreats each cuarter

  • Workshops/Conferences

    We sponsor any workshop and/or conference pertinent to your work

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    We allow 2 months of maternal/parental leave fully covered

  • Flexible Hours

    You can work at any hour you prefer

  • Team Activities

    We have game nights on Wednesday and every two months we have team activities such as going to scape rooms

Our Team by the Numbers

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