Honeydue (WalletIQ, Inc)

< 10 employees
< 10 engineers
$250k - $500k funding
Pre-series a

We've built the Honeydue app for couples to manage their money together, in a way that isn't possible with the big incumbents like Mint and Personal Capital. Couples are loving the app (4.5 rating in the App Store), and we like to think we're making a big difference in their lives - one couple says we literally SAVED their marriage :)

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Why join us?

  • Lean, nimble, and entrepreneurial: We've gotten pretty far with just 2 founders. Anyone who joins us this early on will get a great view of what it takes to start and run a startup from the ground up, with a clean tech stack that is steadily growing. Learn how to take smart shortcuts, and how to balance the tradeoffs between good architecture, fast deployment, and bringing in revenue.

  • Improve upon an app that is making a difference: Couples love using our app. Most Americans are financially uneducated, and we're doing our best to get couples on the right track with tracking their spending, budgeting, communicating, and trusting each other to meet their financial goals. We get emails and tweets daily from users who can't live without our app, and it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling that we're making a difference for so many struggling to get a hold of their finances.

  • We're making money! Its been a great year for us, and we're profitable. Besides making money off of app subscriptions and affiliate marketing, we've started to license our technology platform and have discovered it has a wide range of uses to the big players in Fintech. Without raising too much money from outside investors, we've been able to stay undiluted and are making enough money to expand operations and engineering on profit alone. We hope to have a small healthy team of 7-10 by end of year.

  • Apple loves us: They've featured us 5 times in the last year as Apps We Love and App of the Day. This has driven the majority of our growth, so we haven't had the need to acquire users through paid marketing, though we still will in the future as we get more ambitious. Product Hunt loves us: We currently have 1100+ upvotes, which is the most of any in the finance category.

  • We're backed by YCombinator: We went through the YC Summer 2017 batch, and learned a ton, and we're still benefitting from the YC network. Although YC is limited to founders only, being a YC company in general benefits employees through the large network of founders, forums, and some events that are open to non-founders.

Engineering at Honeydue (WalletIQ, Inc)

Engineering team and processes

The two founders are engineers, though the CEO (Eugene) spends more time as a CEO than as an engineer, but pitches in when he can. The CTO (Thien) is the only full-time engineer, and with this setup we were able to launch a full-stack with an api, an iOS app, and an Android app within 6 months. You'd be working directly with both founders (and our new product manager). We use a pretty loose version of agile, and Jira for project management.

Technical Challenges

Scaling - we're growing, and we have growing pains. This is intentional and expected as we try not to over optimize too early. We are constantly hunting for performance bottlenecks and improving our system to deal with heavier server loads, database contention, etc.

Financial data - the technology used by the financial industry is a mess, and we've been pretty good at developing strategies for navigating through this messy data. We multiplex between several competing data aggregators, optimizing for the one that delivers the cleanest and freshest data for our users. We clean up credit card transaction descriptions and categorizations to allow the user to better understand their financial activity.

Projects you might work on
  • New front end features: A more fully implemented bill reminder calendar, allowing users to pay their bills directly in our app. Showing investment portfolio and activity More direct integration with Venmo and Paypal for couples to settle up with each other.

  • We're building a web / desktop app using electronjs. Our power users have been demanding a web/desktop app to allow them to do heavier financial tasks, and we're keen to oblige!

  • Constant performance improvements - search for the next lowest hanging fruit in performance bottlenecks, figure out why its slow, fix it. Repeat.

    Most of the time its database related (indexing, caching), but other times its the way our job queues are handled.

  • Tools & testing - being lean and fast means some things get de-prioritized. Now that the product is more mature, we have the luxury of building out better tools for customer support, research, and analytics. We also have plans on building out a better automated testing infrastructure.

Tech stack

Working at Honeydue (WalletIQ, Inc)

We are all self-starters. We look for problems that need fixing; we like to measure things to know whether we've truly fixed it. We collaborate well, but are most engaged when we've got a problem to solve and a deadline. We like to go out to lunch together, and the occasional drink after work.

Perks & benefits
  • Pet Friendly
  • Flexible Hours

    We are mostly in the office 10am - 6pm, then we work from home a few hours after dinner, and weekends as needed.

  • Beautiful Office

    We have our own private office inside a WeWork, and enjoy the amenities that come with that: a big communal lounge, free coffee and beer, and daily events and info sessions (and free food). And because we have a private office, we can always close the door when we want to get stuff done.

Our Team by the Numbers

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