51 - 100 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$25m - $50m funding

We provide high quality in home care for elderly people so they can stay at home as they age rather than relocating. As people get older, daily living becomes harder e.g. changing clothes, getting groceries. In home care service is designed to fix this but it's a very fragmented market.

We're building a technology platform that all service providers can plug into, making them more efficient and provide a better experience. The result is better care for seniors at a lower cost.

Engineering at Honor

Technical Challenges

1) Scheduling in home care correctly is a really hard problem. We need to accurately identify which care providers are available and route them to the most convenient locations. This is a logistics problem on par with Uber.

2) We're analyzing data to provide the optimal matching of care providers to seniors based on their skills/requirements.

3) We have lots of data/statistics work (Business Intelligence), with some opportunities to dabble in Machine Learning if you're interested (many of our current team are).

4) We're building mobile software to provide GPS tracking and geolocation data for our care providers.

Tech stack

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