Hotpot TV

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We're an online video streaming platform that licenses Chinese language TV shows and movies from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. We translate and subtitle our shows in English and Spanish.

Why join us?

  • Co-founder and CEO was a founding team member of - a video streaming site for Korean TV shows and movies that was acquired by Softbank in 2014 and Warner Brothers in 2016.

  • Co-founder and CTO was previously co-founder and CTO of a Y Combinator backed company that was acquired in 2016.

  • You’ll be joining the founding team and will become critical in guiding the direction of our technology platform.

Engineering at Hotpot TV

Engineering team and processes

Our product and engineering process is loosely based on agile / kanban.

  • We have a daily standup (often conducted via Slack) to sync up.
  • We use a JIRA board for scoping and prioritizing tasks.
  • We use Pull Requests on GitHub to conduct code reviews.
  • We use Prettier and ESLint to enforce code style.
  • We use CircleCI for testing and deployment, and push code to production multiple times a day.
Technical Challenges

We have a custom video encoding pipeline to ingest source video files and prepare it for end user consumption on multiple devices.

The process involves: - Checking the original source video for errors and fixing them - Uploading the verified source video to our origin storage (AWS S3) - Transcode and copy output video files to our CDN (Fastly) - Create and enter metadata and upload subtitles for each episode or movie - Prepare video for playback on web and mobile devices.

Projects you might work on
  • You would work on the frontend for our public streaming site. This is where our users watch videos. The site resembles that of Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube in terms of functionality and design.

  • You would work on the frontend for our internal video content management system. This app is the control panel for our content team and video editors to prepare and manage our video library.

  • You would be building our iOS and Android apps from scratch. Currently our iOS/Android app is a React Native WebView shell that wraps our mobile website. We would like to build a React Native app to replace it.

Tech stack
React Native

Working at Hotpot TV

We value curiosity and thinking outside the box, and encourage looking for creative solutions to difficult problems. We treat our work like a craft, and care about how our users use our product. We value mentorship and knowledge sharing - we're all on the same team and want to become better engineers.

Perks & benefits
  • Flexible Hours

    We don't have any hard rules about working hours unless there are mandatory meetings.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical insurance.

  • Work from Home

    We have a culture of working remotely as long as everyone is productive.

Our Team by the Numbers

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