26 - 50 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Series a

Huckleberry is rebuilding small business insurance from the ground up. In a multi-trillion dollar industry where paper forms and fax machines still predominate, and customers are wasting countless hours navigating byzantine processes, we provide small business owners with the capability to manage all of their insurance needs through a single, elegant interface. Our team is rethinking every aspect of the experience, from our data enriched onboarding flow to using machine learning to expedite and verify the underwriting process. We built Huckleberry with the belief that costs can be lowered, risk better analyzed and customer experience dramatically improved by building our company on a foundation of code.

Welcome to Huckleberry!

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Why join us?

  • We're building an insurance company from the ground up and think there is an opportunity to build a Stripe-scale business in the space. This is an amazing opportunity to strip the entire stack down and build a company on a foundation of code. We’ve started with data & AI-assisted on-boarding, awesome API integrations (Twilio, Plaid, HelloSign, etc), deep analytics, and a tremendous amount of automation on the ops side.

  • We're backed by Tribe Capital, Uncork Capital, Crosslink Capital, and an amazing group of tier-one angels (including the founders of Tinder, Postmates, and Handy amongst others).

  • We still have a long way to go. You're going to join a team of multi-faceted engineers, product specialists, sales, and operations pros who are consistently raising the bar for everything that we tackle.

Engineering at Huckleberry

Engineering team and processes
  • We are big fans of TDD and really reap the benefits of moving fast with the minimal worry of unintended side effects.

  • While we spend most of our day in JS, we spend a decent amount of effort utilizing some spectacular ML to augment various aspects of our on-boarding and operations flows.

  • We utilize the majority of modern React design principles to build best in the breed, sustainable, composable, and idiomatic code.

  • We are focused on building world-class user experiences and are willing to put the engineering effort behind seemingly simple user conveniences that reduce friction.

  • We don’t build in silos and encourage feedback from our peers. Nobody in the organization is immune to a PR review.

  • Usability isn’t just for our app’s user experience. We believe that philosophy transcends down to ‘how’ we build things as well.

Technical Challenges

A primary attribute that differentiates Huckleberry from traditional insurance providers is our ability to take a customer through an end-to-end experience in exponentially less time than a traditional provider or even existing online competitors. The challenge in accomplishing our record times lies in our advanced automation solutions. To maintain our extremely high customer experience standards, we must think out of the box and automate as must as possible in the end-to-end process that happens often in parallel behind-the-scenes as a customer transitions through our on-boarding quote-flow. The technical challenge therefore is maintaining the user experience in conjunction with the technical architectural challenges that come with combining a large number of different processes behind the scenes between Huckleberry, the customer, our insurance partners, and third-party integrations.

We have built elegant solutions to distill the archaic technology partnerships to a modern, mobile-first interface. One example of where we have engineered a solution to a complicated third-party integration is how we handle slow response times from certain third-party API integrations. We offset the necessary wait time by rearranging the user flow. A specific example of this occurs when the user creates a password for their account - behind the scenes, we are actually subtracting the time to create a password from the time to hit a third-party API.

Projects you might work on
  • Our existing frontend architecture consisted of React-Redux-Forms, a custom Webpack HMR configuration, and SSR implemented alongside our HapiJS backend. Our goals were to simplify this setup by transitioning to a more standardized framework-centric approach allowing us to not only vastly improve the time-to-familiarity for new engineers but also exponentially expedite the time-to-delivery for new versions of our frontend code going through our software delivery pipeline via Continuous Deployment of not only production code but also feature branches. Tangentially, we aimed to adopt our existing TDD developer workflow into a Storybook/test-driven-development approach, and also to transition our styling approach to make use of CSS Modules. Storybook would enable us to immediately work on specific features without the need to spin up our entire application.

    To accomplish these phenomenal goals, we got straight to work as a team and implemented a new version of our existing User Portal using NextJS and its suite of plugins, Storybook, and Enzyme. From the ground up, we have been engineering an all-around optimal experience for both our users and our engineers and will continue to mirror and improve this frontend architecture to other areas of our app alongside the User Portal.

  • What are we building next? As we transition into the next stage of our company’s growth, we are focusing on building and optimizing every aspect of our business. We are currently in the process of revamping our internal tools, taking dents out of technical debt, and plugging the holes in our sales funnel.

Tech stack

Working at Huckleberry

We are a multifaceted team that thrives on optimistically embracing the complex and unknown. We built Huckleberry around the premise of a no-compromise consumer-first experience. This has led us to a culture where we question precedence, indulge in providing impact, and embrace horizontal collaboration.

We have been fortunate enough to have been laser-focused on building the core consumer experience, but now it’s time to expand upon the ‘design of design’ and build code and processes that scale well. We have some lofty ambitions for our 2020 roadmap and we need great people like yourself to help us realize our vision.

Perks & benefits
  • Free Food
  • Beautiful Office
  • Health Insurance

    We provide Medical, Dental, and Vision.

  • Team Activities
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