Product Back-end Engineer

Silicon Valley, CA, United States


Role Location

  • Silicon Valley, CA, United States


11 - 25 people


2479 E Bayshore Rd
Palo Alto, CA, 94303, US

Tech Stack

  • Docker
  • Google cloud
  • python
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • Blockchain

Role Description

This role is intended for an engineer experienced in developing scalable and secure production applications. We are building infrastructure that must transfer files in a secure and authenticated fashion from one user device to another while also providing a condensed view of network state to the users of our application. Our back-end technical stack is focused on modularity and extensibility in order to facilitate rapid development of new products that are centered on enabling data privacy.

About Hyperdyne

Hyperdyne is a startup whose mission is to create the first easy-to-use computational marketplace by leveraging its intellectual property: a programming model with a technical stack designed from the ground up to enable general purpose compute on a decentralized, heterogeneous, and dynamic network of edge-devices in a fault-tolerant, massively scalable fashion.

Hyperdyne develops the Hypernet protocol, which brings visionary decentralized applications to life using the unique and exclusive attributes of our API, including:

-The ability to analyze data securely, on-device. This means sensitive user data, like healthcare or financial data, can be analyzed while remaining private, secure, and in its original location.

-Massive over-the-internet computation. Hypernet enables world-class supercomputer performance on your own internet connected devices.

-The ability to analyze data as it is generated. This means data never has to be sent to the cloud or stored; it can be immediately analyzed and discarded.

-The programming model is robust to machines unpredictably entering and leaving the network. This means reduced technical limitations for buyers and sellers of compute power.

-An unlimited number of machines of any specification can be utilized in parallel. This means the network is infinitely scalable, and anyone with any machine can contribute to the network; the only constraint is bandwidth.

Company Culture

We always strive to make decisions with a long-term, future-focused perspective. Therefore, we value thoughtful, detail-oriented, quantitative mindsets focused on producing results.

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