Codebase Architect Engineer

Silicon Valley, CA, United States


Role Location

  • Silicon Valley, CA, United States


11 - 25 people


2479 E Bayshore Rd
Palo Alto, CA, 94303, US

Tech Stack

  • Docker
  • Google cloud
  • python
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • Blockchain

Role Description

This role is intended for engineers with a talent for building modular and extensible code bases. The technical stack we are currently developing is intended to serve as the foundation for multiple user-facing products and must provide secure peer-to-peer data transfer and network state visibility. Code generality and maintainability are critical attributes. An ideal candidate will not only have proficiency in multiple programming languages but also bring insight in to how to develop code modules such that they are as reusable as possible.

About Hyperdyne

Hyperdyne is a startup whose mission is to create the first easy-to-use computational marketplace by leveraging its intellectual property: a programming model with a technical stack designed from the ground up to enable general purpose compute on a decentralized, heterogeneous, and dynamic network of edge-devices in a fault-tolerant, massively scalable fashion.

Hyperdyne develops the Hypernet protocol, which brings visionary decentralized applications to life using the unique and exclusive attributes of our API, including:

-The ability to analyze data securely, on-device. This means sensitive user data, like healthcare or financial data, can be analyzed while remaining private, secure, and in its original location.

-Massive over-the-internet computation. Hypernet enables world-class supercomputer performance on your own internet connected devices.

-The ability to analyze data as it is generated. This means data never has to be sent to the cloud or stored; it can be immediately analyzed and discarded.

-The programming model is robust to machines unpredictably entering and leaving the network. This means reduced technical limitations for buyers and sellers of compute power.

-An unlimited number of machines of any specification can be utilized in parallel. This means the network is infinitely scalable, and anyone with any machine can contribute to the network; the only constraint is bandwidth.

Company Culture

We always strive to make decisions with a long-term, future-focused perspective. Therefore, we value thoughtful, detail-oriented, quantitative mindsets focused on producing results.

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