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Private Funding

We offer a platform and service for management consulting and private equity clients to create and launch surveys extremely quickly.

Why join us?
  • 5x growth in past 6 months, 5x growth in prior 6 months, 5x growth in coming 6 months

  • Already profitable and fighting to keep up with demand

  • Clients love our product and frequently send all caps thank you emails

Engineering at Inc-Query
Engineering team and processes

The engineering team is currently one person (founder) and doesn't have tons of time to spend on dev anymore. You'd be running fairly independently. We have Dockerized our applications and have full test suites. CI/CD is 90% built on CodeCommit

Technical Challenges

We've built a custom lisp-like language that we use to configure surveys and a Turing machine to execute them. We've built an inferential type-checker using some cutting edge techniques to avoid type declarations altogether. Extending this type-checker to detect more run-time issues is always an interesting technical challenge

Projects you might work on
  • Extend our type-checker with Liquid Types SMT constraint solving

  • Build out a flowchart-like interface to manipulate the survey logic visually

  • Add an alerting system to send out notifications based on responses flowing into a survey

Tech stack

Working at Inc-Query

Very independent. Fully remote team with minimal BS. We work hard, but are results-oriented

Generous Vacation

3 weeks

Company Retreats

Try to meet up somewhere interesting every few months. Austin is coming up

Health Insurance

QSEHRA (tax-free money to pay for health insurance)

401(k) Contribution

Match up to 4%

Work from Home

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