Infinitus Systems, Inc

101 - 250 employees
51 - 100 engineers
$50m - $100m funding
Series a

Building a conversational AI platform

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Founders are repeat successful entrepreneurs (one was also the Founding Partner for Google's AI Fund, Gradient Ventures)

  • Backed by some of Silicon Valley's top funds & angels (revealed after NDA since still in stealth)

  • Aggressive early commercial traction

Engineering at Infinitus Systems, Inc

Engineering team and processes

We are a lean, flat engineering organization where you will get the opportunity to own a large chunk of our technical stack. We design our systems carefully and instrument our platform with metrics meticulously so that we can evaluate the accuracy and performance of all aspects of our system. We engage in code reviews, will maintain high code quality and do thorough system testing from the very beginning. However, we will also prioritize product execution speed as it makes sense, and come back to refactor our code base whenever that happens.

Technical Challenges

Typical conversational engines aren't subject to low latency requirements, but our custom domain space and applications require low latency. We need to build accurate custom NLP models and run them in production real time in low latency.

Projects you might work on
  • Build pipeline for evaluating and training conversational agents from chat logs.

  • Build low latency chat frontend using react.js

  • Scale and improve latency of webRTC based VOIP backends

Tech stack
Google Cloud
React Native

Working at Infinitus Systems, Inc

The Infinitus Story Ankit & Shyam started Infinitus in February 2019. The company is funded by some of Silicon Valley's most elite venture capital firms and angel investors and is going after a very large problem & market that they will share with prospective candidates after signing an NDA.

Infinitus Interview Process We get to know prospective candidates in three parts: 1. Coding Interviews: Three 45 minute coding interviews done in person or virtually over Google Hangout 2. Culture Interview: One 45 minute culture interview 3. Meal with the team: We're a tight knit team and spend a ton of time together. We want to make sure you enjoy hanging with us and vice versa.

Infinitus Mission Our mission is to structure the world’s human-to-human communication and make it effortless.

Infinitus Values At Infinitus, our company values are not only the principles that link us together in the way we work, but they also keep us aligned on the same path, all working towards connected goals. These standards are what guide us on our collective journey.

MAGIC: Create unforgettable moments that garner childlike joy. AMBITION: Be entrepreneurial. SUPERPOWERS: Jack of all, master of some. HUMILITY: Get over yourself and treat everyone like it is their birthday.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Health Insurance

    Medical, vision and dental for employees.

  • Flexible Hours
Our Team by the Numbers

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