501+ employees
251 - 500 engineers
$50m - $100m funding
Series b

Instawork's goal is to be the essential hiring engine for small to medium-sized businesses across the globe. Our first step toward this goal is to become the "the Uber of Staffing” as our technology enables us to service needs of the massive gig economy. We are well positioned in the hospitality space (think catering companies, multi-location restaurants, hotels, event venues, golf courses) and looking to quickly expand our reach across the country and then the globe. 10% of Americans work in the hospitality industry and staffing is the by far the biggest struggle the industry faces for both the business and the worker. This presents a unique opportunity for a major disruption to the outdated job boards or help wanted signs in the window.

Engineering at Instawork

Technical Challenges

1) To make the job search process as efficient as possible, we're working on a hard matching problem of mapping the right candidates to companies.

2) Our ambitions are to go beyond just sending candidates to companies. We also want to build a dashboard for small business to manage their whole hiring process.

Tech stack
React Native

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