Silicon Valley
11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$10M - $25M Funding
Series A

Intellimize helps drive conversions by personalizing websites automatically using machine learning. Our customers rely on us to deliver more revenue, faster, and with less work than traditional A/B testing or rules-based personalization.

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Active Roles
Why join us?
  • Founders are experienced execs from Yahoo, Twitter, and BrightRoll, who are also entrepreneurs with successful exits in the past, including one who sold his start-up to Yahoo.

  • We are experiencing a lot of growth in revenue and customer count. Our customers love us!

  • We are funded by well-known seed stage VCs (Homebrew, Pear VC and Precursor).

Engineering at Intellimize
Engineering team and processes

We hire the best engineers and trust them with a lot of responsibilities. We are a flat organization. All engineers report directly to the CTO.

We operate on the principle of moving fast and making impact. We do quarterly planning to align the company across functions on important business, product and engineering goals. We use Kanban process (Trello) for weekly planning and daily stand-up.

We use git for source code management. We require design and code review. We invest in documentation and automated tests. We empower engineers to push to production whenever things are ready, many times a day.

Technical Challenges

For Backend / Machine Learning Engineer position:

You will design and implement machine learning training pipelines to build a variety of machine learning models in collaboration with scientists and product owners. You will also build and continuously improve machine learning model serving with ultra-low latency and frequent updates. Some examples of machine learning problems we're solving — determine causality of UI experiences to conversions, applying couterfactuals to understand what would happen if different experiences are shown instead, applying reinforcement learning technique to maximize conversion in user purchase journey.

You will implement and enhance data pipelines for analytics to power the insights in our Dashboard, which our customers rely on for continuous ideation and decision making. Many insights require advanced statistical analysis which you'll iterate and implement in conjunction with scientists and product owners.

For Full Stack / Frontend position:

We have a leading-edge JavaScript Personalization Framework that inter-operates with many platforms our customer sites use (React, Angular, propriety SPA, static sites). This framework orchestrates the real-time application of personalization on the site, as well as ensuring the correct analytics data are sent to the backend machine learning system. You will evolve this framework in conjunction with advancements in our machine learning models, and to enable external developers to have deeper inter-operation with the framework (via JavaScript APIs exposed by the framework).

You will be the core contributor to the Dashboard our customers use on a daily basis (think Google Analytics Dashboard). This Dashboard presents analytics information based on large amount of data — plenty of data visualization challenges, and if you're up for it, analytics computation challenges. It will also have a WYSIWYG site editing tool, with AI assistance, which you'll make substantial contributions to.

Tech stack
Apache Spark

Working at Intellimize

We move fast. We are data-driven. We get things done. We believe in the philosophy of “customers as true north”. We believe in the importance of work/life balance to do your very best work. We love hanging out and geeking out with each other.

Generous Vacation

Take a break whenever you need to recharge!

Health Insurance

Full medical, dental and vision coverage.

401(k) Contribution
Work from Home

Many of us work from home once a week

Flexible Hours

No hard rules around work hours (none of us likes to get stuck in traffic)


Commuter benefits

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