Senior Back End Engineer (Python)

Silicon Valley (Redwood City to San Jose) • $165k - $190k


Role Location

  • Silicon Valley (Redwood City to San Jose)


$165k - $190k


51 - 100 people


100 Redwood Shores Pkwy # 200
Redwood City, CA, 94065, US

Tech Stack

  • C++
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • React

Role Description


You have architected systems on your own, and are familiar with distributed systems and multithreading. You have solved tough problems across different domains; when challenged with big, new problems you are able to come up with a space of possible solutions, advocate for an approach, and implement seamlessly. You are looking to apply your skills to build a fundamentally new product, that will one day be used by digital businesses everywhere. Lastly, you are looking to do this within a small, elite team of engineers, at a company where we strongly value treating each other well and helping each other succeed.


Working On A Custom API Tier For Distributed Query Planning, High Volume Ingest and Metadata Management - We build almost all of our core features from scratch, to best implement and support Interana's unique behavioral analysis engine and its underlying behavioral built-ins like funnels, sessions, cohorts and metrics.

Building New Product Capabilities - We’re building a product unlike any other. Every day we work to solve technical problems in uncharted territory, so that our product can be the best on the market. Features we have worked on in the past include our custom query planner, distributed ingest pipeline, lightweight ETL library using Python generators, incremental metadata management system, query cache and Interana CLI.

Creating a Great Product Experience For Customers - Interana is active 24/7 as it helps our customers analyze billions of rows of sophisticated data. Every engineer knows that bugs happen - but we work hard to try to not only avoid them in the first place, but also fix them as soon as possible. The stakes are high when we log into production environments to diagnose the toughest distributed issues, but the rewards outweigh the risks.

Automated Testing - Our best defense against spending time fixing bugs after we ship, is to plan ahead, and author features that contain a solid battery of unit and integration tests.

Collaborating - We work with our Product, QA, Documentation, Support and other teams to build the best software we can. One of the advantages of being a small startup is that we’re all on a single floor; we have great opportunities to collaborate, share knowledge, and innovate as a team.


  • 6+ years of experience as a backend engineer, or similar
  • Excellent engineering skills and strong CS fundamentals (BS in Computer Science or equivalent)
  • Comfortable writing highly concurrent systems
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience working with system performance and resource optimization strategies
  • Self motivation and team spirit - An ability to take initiative and solve problems without direction from others is crucial. At the same time, we value and appreciate the opportunity to work with each other as a team.
  • Analytics experience - We work with data daily, so an interest in and experience with collecting, importing, visualizing, exploring, and/or analyzing data is key.

About Interana

Interana’s full stack solution allows you to visually explore trillions of data points from multiple data sets all in real time without the need for ETL, data aggregation, or writing any SQL. Our unique approach was originated by Facebook engineers who found the that the best commercial tools were not powerful enough to support real-time exploration of billions of daily user actions and interactions. With Interana, the entire organization can stop guessing and start knowing how and why customers are acting, interacting and transacting with their products and services, in real time and throughout all time.

Company Culture

Interana has a friendly and open culture. We are a team of passionate and intelligent engineers. There is a great spirit of collaboration amongst the team. We are also a very family friendly company.

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