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At Invisible AI, we are building the future of computer vision. Today, our core focus is on developing an end-to-end platform that can digitize manufacturing operations to solve high-value business problems. We deploy edge AI cameras to digitize all steps of manual assembly work which helps people-driven manufacturing be accurate, reliable and safe.

Coming from the world of self-driving cars, the founders of Invisible AI have years of experience in building and deploying large-scale AI & machine learning pipelines. Come help build a company that will deliver endless possibilities of computer vision to real-world customers.

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Why join us?

  • Our mission is to build intelligent AI cameras that can adapt to their domain automatically. No labeling, no data collection, just pure intelligence. We're making that a reality by targeting incredibly high-value yet constrained problems where computer vision algorithms truly shine. We are pushing the frontier with the kind of low-data/no-data algorithms as well as fully unsupervised AI algorithms at the scale of 1000s of cameras. If you're passionate about AI and the future of vision, then you should be talking to us.

  • Today, we have developed an automated system to monitor and track any manual work and we are working with global manufacturers, including Toyota North America, to increase product quality, efficiency and safety. We have over 50 cameras deployed in a single OEM facility and are rapidly growing to serve a multi-billion dollar market in manufacturing alone. Our AI enabled cameras can generate up to $10,000/camera/year, illustrating the high return on investment we offer. Come join us in taking vision tech to the next level by solving real-world problems today.

  • We have a cutting-edge engineering team you'll get to learn from and their past ventures include self-driving vehicle, AR/VR headsets, robotics and cryptocurrency (aren't we all). Our founders previously led the SW team for Luminar Technologies where they built a 30 person team to develop an in-house perception stack for the company's LiDAR sensor. Most importantly, we all believe that vision AI will revolutionize the physical world and Invisible AI can be at the forefront of that.

Engineering at Invisible AI

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team is split into two groups: Infrastructure and Computer Vision, and both operate independently but everyone uses the two week sprint cycles. We don't have strict scrum/agile processes but we do move fast in response to customer development and upcoming deployments. Everyone is aligned to the same high-level product goals and timelines and teams collaborate as needed. Both teams use Github and PRs to drive all development and the product is at a stage of iterative development where the core backbone already exists.

Technical Challenges

We are an end-to-end computer vision solution, which includes an edge AI camera with built-in NVIDIA chipset and storage surrounded by an infrastructure that powers on-prem deployments as well as internal tooling to support our software development processes. We are building the future of AI and Internet of Things and so we face a variety of complex, interesting and fun technical challenges described in the project sections below.

Projects you might work on
  • On the infrastructure side, some of these challenges include building a Docker based OTA system for our production devices, security protocols to ensure on-prem network safety, an in-house MQTT based IoT core system.

  • On the Computer Vision side, even more exciting opportunities to experiment with cutting-edge approaches found in Arxiv papers for low-data/no-data object detection algorithms, finding new innovative approaches for repetitive action tracking, profiling C++ code to run on an embedded devices and I could go on for days!

Tech stack

Working at Invisible AI

Every time we make product decisions or influence the product roadmap, we ask if this is what the customer wants and how quickly can we validate our hypothesis. We prioritize production over perfection — a workable first version is always better than something that is almost perfect and never finished. Given our work in the world of AI cameras, we keep privacy and security top of mind to ensure we're building products that are ethically and morally thought through.

Diversity and Inclusion

As we go through our growth phase, we're ensuring our outreach and sourcing process is diverse and given our work is at the intersection of technology and blue collar manufacturing, we hope to bring a diverse set of thoughts to our weekly meetings.

We try to collaborate as much as possible, especially across teams. We have a company wide focus to grow and scale our current product across manufacturing and that aligns all teams to work together. We supplement are work interactions with virtual happy hours, game times and quarterly meetups.

We're very inclusive of everyone and all our managers work with their direct reports to ensure a smooth onboarding. We all come from varying backgrounds so there's a lot to learn all around.

Perks & benefits
  • Company Retreats

    We do quarterly off sites and bring the full team together. Last quarter was Lake Tahoe and this summer, we're off to a big Airbnb in Austin, Texas!

  • Health Insurance

    Full coverage for medical, dental and vision.

  • Flexible Hours
  • Work from Home
  • Visa Support
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
Our Team by the Numbers
Engineering team

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