IUNU, Inc.

11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$10M - $25M Funding
Series A

iUNU, Inc, is a fast-growing technology startup focused on increasing efficiency in agriculture. We're the thought leaders when it comes to leveraging technology for indoor growing straddling the epicenter of the intersection of robotics, AI, and computer vision to inform growers anywhere in the world with our omniscient application.

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Why join us?
  • Our solutions focus on Indoor farming that has a market size of a trillion dollars worldwide with a goal to decrease waste, increase utilization and efficiencies, as well as allow them to make better decisions which together leads to over a 50% increase in output or profit. We already have international operations.

  • We target the three major verticals in the indoor growing space: Floriculture/Horticulture, Produce, and Cannabis.

  • Fast growing startup that can respond rapidly with custom tailored solutions based upon market conditions and customer requirements, unlike large entrenched corporations.

  • Through our platform and service we provide growers with the data and analytics to track, measure and establish the best growing practices for their crops and facilities. We believe this positions us at the forefront of driving toward food security worldwide.

Engineering at IUNU, Inc.
Engineering team and processes

Engineering cycle operates on weekly cadence utilizing Progress, Plans, Problems for status updates. We are a small and nimble Engineering team and operate with a high degree of autonomy. Doing the right thing for our customers is first and foremost.

Technical Challenges

We process and present the largest and ever growing dataset of high resolution plant imagery available in real time. We operate in some of the most remote and harsh environments known to any computer or man.

Projects you might work on
  • Deliver a Satellite like view in a map based application that delivers sub millimeter resolution pixels in realtime. Toggle between layers that overlay metrics such as growth rate, readiness, as well as problems like diseases, watering levels, or pests.

  • Automate a backend that can scale and migrate between cloud providers, on premise, hybrid, serverless or any combination of aforementioned options architecture.

  • Design a bidirectional communication and control plane that synchronizes sensor data, imagery and robot deployment for problem analysis, inventory management and tracking purposes.

Tech stack

Working at IUNU, Inc.

iUNU core values revolve around grit, innovation, and doing the right thing. iUNU’s flat organizational structure lends itself to the person willing to speak their mind, and challenge the status quo in order to fulfill the ultimate mission of delivering the best solutions possible to our grower customers.

Benefits and Perks
Free Food

Snacks and drinks always available. Lunch provided every Friday


Opportunities to travel to remote facilities and customer sites.

Pet Friendly

Dogs welcome in the office. Would love to see more of your pets!

Flexible Hours

Flexible working hours, with most meetings scheduled in the morning, so afternoons can be spent focused on getting things done.

Health Insurance

Full medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance.

Work from Home

Remote worker friendly, with opportunities to work from home.

Generous Vacation

Open Vacation policy. We believe in hard work, but with that is taking the time to recharge our batteries.


Research and Development Lab. Want to work on a new prototype? Rework a board? Solder a new header? 3D Print a case? Need access to GPUs? Does your office have a maker space available for use? We do! Ours even has an attached greenhouse, so expect regular fresh vegetables.

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