Jane Street

501+ employees
251 - 500 engineers
Private funding

We're a financial trading firm with a unique focus on using technology. We have an engineering led culture, where we collaborate with each other to solve problems and solve really hard and interesting technical challenges along the way. Our culture is nothing like what you'll find at other financial firms, we use a lot of our own custom hardware and software and program in OCaml.

Engineering at Jane Street

Technical Challenges

1) We do a lot of high speed data processing at scale, making real decisions with risk involved (getting something wrong can costs millions of dollars a day).

2) We're heavily involved in building our own compilers and data structures. This is a great place to work if you care about programming language design and hard computer science problems.

3) We have a giant database and some serious hardware. 40 core boxed with 3 Terabytes of RAM. If this excites you, you'll really like Jane Street.

Tech stack

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