Silicon valley
< 10 employees
< 10 engineers
$2m - $5m funding

Jerry (YC S17) is building a AI financial advisor / shopper with the mission to help put more money in pockets of hard working Americans. Jerry shops for your financial products (insurance, mortgage, loans etc) on a regular basis (every few months) to ensure you always have the right price. When a better product/price is found, it automatically does all the work to switch (with user’s consent) and saves people money automatically. If you like finance industry or care about helping people live a better financial life (average American family has like $1000 in their bank account), we might be a good team to talk to.

Engineering at Jerry

Technical Challenges

1) Creating the fastest, most delightful user experience on a product that is traditionally complex, with lots of user input. 2) Orchestrating data collection, aggregation, filtering and processing for different sources. 3) Integrating seamlessly with service partners. 4) Retrofitted integration with certain systems that do not have well defined APIs. 5) Data analysis (machine learning, etc) to guide deal negotiation on customer's behalf. 6) Building a scalable product that can sustain fast paced growth. 7) Building tools for nontechnical members of the company to manage system operations.

Tech stack
React Native

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