Karuna Health

11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

Karuna's software empowers high-need patients to stay in touch with their care teams using the same channels they already use with friends and family: from Whatsapp and text messaging to voice calls and video. To handle the increased volume and quality of interactions, our automation tools help care teams prioritize, measure their performance, and cut through back office work so that they can focus on doing what they do best: building authentic relationships with the patients who need them most.

Karuna is a high-growth digital health company backed by early investors in Uber, Square, PillPack, Oscar Health, Flatiron Health, Cruise, and other startups that have redefined their industries. We work with some of the most influential community health organizations in the world and are scaling our user base ~30x over the next quarter.

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Active Roles
Why join us?
  • Since day one, helping patients has been part of our DNA. One told us; “I wish you were available to me when I first started this journey, and I believe that this could be a game changer for battling [my] disease.”

  • Karuna Health is led by repeat founders, advised by three of the most prominent healthcare leaders in the U.S., and backed by some of the best seed funds, including First Round Capital, SV Angel, Founder Collective, and BoxGroup.

  • The pair have worked as engineers and product managers at Google Health, Facebook, Square, Bridgewater, and First Round Capital and graduated from MIT and Harvard respectively.

Engineering at Karuna Health
Engineering team and processes

Everyone syncs up on major decisions, and then is given a lot of independence to go get their feature or section done. We have company-wide standups every day where progress can be demoed. Engineering is expected to work super closely with the product, ops, and sales teams!

Everyone works on their own feature branches, and uses Pull Requests on GitHub to do code reviews. Anyone can merge code anytime (after a review), and master is auto-deployed to our staging servers (which are promoted to production as-needed).

Technical Challenges

We're building sophisticated, large-scale messaging infrastructure from the ground up, with a bunch of unique constraints that come along with healthcare and the need to be HIPAA-compliant. On the frontend, we need to build a product which is dead-simple for tech-illiterate users. It should be intuitive and not require training, but also needs to be powerful enough to crowd out our competitors. The most interesting challenges at this stage are figuring out how to get new features out the door incredibly fast, while still writing quality, reliable code.

Projects you might work on
  • The frontend for the messaging interface, which is geared around intent-based messaging. This involves figuring out the best UX for a nurse or care coordinator to let us know what information they want to be delivered to the patient, and any restrictions on that delivery, while giving us the freedom to decide content, timing, channel, etc. You would totally own this frontend, and it is the piece our users will spend hours a day in.

  • The CRM that administrators and care managers can use to manage their patients on the platform, and initiate educational modules from. This involves building a sophisticated CRM without making the interface too complex, and adding all the necessary reporting and analytics throughout our product to generate beautiful dashboards.

  • The intent-based messaging engine which takes the restrictions given by our users and figures out the best way to deliver that information to the patient (dumb and hard-coded at first, but gets smarter over time).

  • The interface/CMS for codifying workflows and creating educational material that will be received by every patient on the Karuna platform. There are interesting challenges here around being general enough to support the huge variance of workflows in healthcare, while still being intuitive and simple to use.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails

Working at Karuna Health

We value a strong bias towards action. Good enough is better than perfect, and we always strive for forward progress. This applies to code quality, solution quality, and product quality. Our approach to healthcare is about making the largest impact on the greatest number of patients, and there is a ton of low hanging fruit in that space. The key is actually shipping usable, useful products, which is what we obsess over doing!

We also have a strong culture of being thoughtful about the future, and building flexible infrastructure which is extensible and future-proof.

Health Insurance

We cover a large percentage of health insurance premiums.

Company Retreats
Flexible Hours

We support everyone working the hours they are most productive, aside from a few fixed times for stand-ups.

Team Activities
Work from Home

We have 2 meeting-free days a week both of which can be WFH if you'd like


We'll be working with clients around the United States, so traveling to client sites and managing deployments will be key to our success.

Generous Vacation

Unlimited vacation policy


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