Full Stack Engineer

San Francisco, CA, United States • $110k - $180k • 0.1% - 0.5%

Keeper Tax

Role Location

  • San Francisco, CA, United States


  • $110k - $180k
  • 0.1% - 0.5%


11 - 25 people


1460 Mission St
San Francisco, CA, 94103, US

Tech Stack

  • React
  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • MySQL
  • Express.js

Role Description

Keeper Tax (YC W19, $15M funding) is a mission-driven startup building software to help freelancers and solopreneurs stay on top of their write-offs and claim all the deductions they qualify for. We're looking to hire a full stack engineer who is passionate about growing their technical skills and solving problems for customers.


  • We require candidates to have citizenship, green card, H1B, or TN
  • We require candidates to live in SF or be willing to relocate


  • Create new bookkeeping features in our mobile app (example project: building a generic system to support merchant-based bulk actions that can be driven by our data science team)
  • Create new tax filing features in mobile and web (example project: building a system that enables users to upload their tax forms as PDF or photo)
  • You will be working full stack, so you will be responsible for building both the UI and the supporting backend endpoints. You will also be responsible for monitoring the feature after you deploy.

Characteristics of success

  • You work fast, but not at the expense of code quality
  • Our tech stack is the stack you want to work in (React, Redux, Express, MySQL). Our ideal candidate has experience with many of these technologies, but don't worry if some aspects are unfamiliar to you.
  • You believe you will be able to work faster by working full-stack
  • You care more about solving problems for customers than using the latest technology
  • If you're a junior engineer: you are eager to learn and grow your skills
  • If you're a senior engineer: you are eager to unblock and teach junior engineers (through code review, pairing, and Slack)

Why you'll love it

  • You'll be a joining a group of ambitious, hard working people who want to make this startup successful. We're all engaged with the work, understand the risks, and want to embark on this adventure together.
  • We have a mission-driven product with a straightforward business model. Our users pay us a monthly fee to remove a significant source of stress from their lives. We don't charge users hidden fees, we don't show or make money off in-app ads, and we don't resell user data.
  • We have a big backlog of projects customers have asked for, but we don't have the time or the resources to build. What this means is (1) we have high confidence that the things you'll be working on are critical to our business, and (2) there is no shortage of interesting, impactful work to do.
  • We have continuous integration, code review, monitoring, and significant test coverage for many (but not all) of our systems. As an eng team, we want to build a safe, supportive environment that enables engineers to ship fast without fearing that they'll break something. When something does crash, we have blameless postmortems that focus on solving the problem rather than on placing blame.

Interview process

  • Screen with Matt (CTO)
  • Technical interviews (1 1/2 hours)
    • React exercise (build a simple UI in CodeSandbox)
    • JavaScript exercise (implement a function in repl.it)
  • Take home (2 hours)
    • Build a simple Node backend that queries a MySQL db
  • Final round (1 1/2 hours)
    • System design exercise with David (COO)
    • Culture fit interview with Paul (CEO)
  • References

About Keeper Tax

With the rise of gig platforms and the creator economy, more young people are finding themselves getting paid as if they were business owners rather than employees. Keeper Tax is helping this new generation take advantage of business tax deductions. On average, our customers discover extra write-offs worth $6,076 per year!

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