Backend Engineer

San Francisco, CA, United States • $110k - $180k • 0.10% - 0.45%

Keeper Tax

Role Location

  • San Francisco, CA, United States


  • $110k - $180k
  • 0.10% - 0.45%


11 - 25 people


1460 Mission St
San Francisco, CA, 94103, US

Tech Stack

  • React
  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • Express.js
  • SQL

Role Description

Why Keeper Tax?

Call it the gig economy, the passion economy, or just side hustles, over half of Gen Z workers are now getting paid with 1099 contracts. Tax law is confusing and many workers with 1099 income don’t realize how many write-offs they’re missing.

Keeper Tax’s mission is to build software for this new generation of workers. Our product helps them:

  1. Identify tax write-offs automatically
  2. E-file come tax time
  3. Connect with tax professionals for any questions they might have

On average, customers save over $1,200 per year using our product!

As a backend engineer at Keeper Tax, what will I be working on?

You will be the primary engineer focused on running and scaling our data science platform. Our Python and Kubernetes platform processes 200K transactions per day and sends 30K texts per day. You'll work closely with our data science team to help them with scaling and reliability concerns for this platform.

Here are some examples of backend projects on our roadmap:

  • Rate limit handling: We have a job that does an initial transaction pull whenever a new user signs up. During tax season, our signups spike to 5-10x of our off-season load, which causes us to run into rate limits with Plaid. This causes our job to error out, which means the user has to wait a few hours for our periodic transaction pull to repair the issue. We want to more precisely schedule our transaction pulls so we can get close to Plaid's rate limit without exceeding it.
  • Break our rule detection job into smaller units: We have a job that analyzes a user's transactions to infer rules for whether a transaction counts as a write-off. This job runs on all users, and the memory it uses increases proportionally with the number of users we have in our db. While we've so far gotten away with increasing the memory for the job, this is a short-term solution. We'd like to break the transaction pull job into smaller units so each unit consumes a consistent amount of memory.
  • Automatically scale our SMS job: We have a manual process for scaling our SMS reply job as new users are added to the db. We'd like to automate this process in order to reduce the amount of manual work we need to do to keep our systems running.

You would be a good fit for Keeper Tax if:

  • You want to move fast, and you don’t like being blocked. You're a problem solver. You find a way to get things done. We believe in ask forgiveness, not permission.
  • You care more about product than technology. We use Python and SQL because they're standard. They have a lot of libraries that are well-used and well-maintained, and there are a lot of resources, both for getting started and for debugging advanced problems. I want our biggest problems to be related to solving problems for the user, not figuring out technology.
  • You want to have a significant hand in planning and managing your own work. At Keeper Tax, you will own projects end-to-end. You'll brainstorm with data, plan out your work, do the implementation, add tests, deploy to Kubernetes, and monitor your feature post-release.
  • You believe that we are stronger together than apart. You are willing to help other engineers with questions, code review, and brainstorming. You are willing to help data and PM with technical questions.


  • You have shipped features using Python and SQL, and are familiar with Python-based job technologies (e.g., Airflow, Celery).
  • You have used Kubernetes to deploy systems to production (REST APIs, cronjobs).
  • You live in SF or are willing to relocate. We're a small team (18 people), and at this stage we're looking for people who want to work in person with us. We have a flexible WFH policy (3 days WFH per week).
  • You don’t require visa sponsorship. Unfortunately, we don't support F1 or OPT visas.

Interview process

  1. Call with the hiring manager: We’ll go over your background and what you want out of your next job. Tell me about something you built that you’re proud of.
  2. Take home exercises: We’ll schedule a time for you to do a couple of Python and Kubernetes exercises.
  3. Live exercises: We’ll schedule a time for you to do a couple of live exercises with eng and data.
  4. References
  5. Offer

About Keeper Tax

Keeper Tax helps independent contractors and freelancers discover tax deductions and file taxes. Help over 250,000 Americans save an extra $1,249 / year (on average)!

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