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We're Kolena, an early stage startup focused on building an ML testing platform for teams to ship their ML products with confidence.

One of the hardest problems that ML teams face is the lack of ability to identify (and track) the success and failure modes of their models. Data scientists currently rely on statistical metrics like precision, recall, F1 score, etc. to understand areas of strengths and weaknesses. However, these techniques leave huge blind spots that fail to capture the full behavior of the model. Metrics reported in terms of these aggregated statistics don’t provide information on failures across various types of cases, attributes, and scenarios. Even when a model is improved to report a higher overall accuracy, surprising shifts can occur in the distribution of errors — including new ones. Our mission at Kolena is to solve this problem by building a dynamic test harness, empowering teams to proactively define quality for their models — before they deploy to prod!

We've recently raised a large seed round from top-tier funds in the Silicon Valley, and are looking to use this funding to build our initial team of engineers. If you are passionate about defining the standards for how engineering teams think about model quality, we would love to hear from you!

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