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Kudos is a remote personal training and nutrition coaching service that combines an app, Twilio, and machine learning to enable our certified trainers to drive incredible results for clients with a few minutes of labor per month.

Our core thesis is that humans need human support & accountability to stick with difficult behavior change. Personal trainers can provide this push but are too expensive and inconvenient for the vast majority of people. We bring elite level personal training and nutrition coaching to clients when and where they want, at a price they can actually afford.

Our mission is to make millions of people healthier by democratizing access to expert training, and we're scaling toward that goal. We grew 3x between December 2018 and January 2019, have amazing unit economics, unheard-of monthly retention of 95%, extremely happy clients paying $1,140/ year, and an amazing team of remote coaches.

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Why join us?

  • Clients love us because they achieve incredible things in training with us: After 2 months, the average weight loss client loses >10% of their bodyweight, strength gain clients double their bench press and runners drop 90 seconds off the mile time.

  • We have incredible unit economics: Clients cost $40 to acquire on average and are worth at least $400 in profit over time. Clients feel that they have an incredible deal on a daily human trainer at $95/ month, and we use automation to cut out the vast majority of the human labor.

  • In leveraging an Uber model to scale our unit economics, we have a path to training millions of clients and optimizing every aspect of the experience via data science and machine learning: How, when and why we engage clients and what exercise/ nutrition recommendations we make.

  • Team passionate about using technology to make a huge positive difference in the lives of millions of people in the real world. Team with experience in scaling automated services with humans-in-the-loop as well as fitness startups.

Engineering at Kudos

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team currently consists of one member, the CTO. We've iterated quickly on product and implemented very little process aside from text based specs in Asana. However, with our recent $1m raise, we're aiming to hire two more senior engineers and contract a designer. We'll still move very quickly but graduate to full mocks for high visibility projects. Each engineer will own large chunks of the product at a time and code across the stack with high impact.

Technical Challenges

Deciding what to build first and how much to invest in it short term! Eventually, we'll have client facing products that rival the most elegant solutions out there (Nike Training Club, Peleton) and a sophisticated AI for recommending workouts and nutrition. There's so much to build so we're still looking for 80% outcome solutions that take 20% of the time. We care deeply about the experience of our users on both sides of the marketplace so balancing breadth with depth requires constant vigilance.

Projects you might work on
  • You will build the next iteration of our interactive workout UI, which will be audio-first, seamless and as close to an in-person training experience as anything on the market.

  • You will iterate on automated messages driven by triggers. For example, when we detect a client underperforming in a workout, we'll fire a unique SMS to the client from their coach with suggestions.

  • You will build our nutrition recommendation tools, which will help clients track their nutrition and alert both coach and client to opportunities for improvement.

  • You will get to build our team and client dashboards that will showcase client results, encourage them to push harder in workouts to beat their friends and push them to invite friends to join them on Kudos.

  • You will set up the data systems needed to undergird our machine learning program (as described above).

Tech stack
React Native
AWS Lambda

Working at Kudos

First and foremost we are mission-driven. We want to build an incredible multi-billion dollar company by actually creating incredible value for our clients and making a major dent in the obesity epidemic. Beyond that, we are focused on transparency, clear communication, moving fast and being data driven.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Clearly, we have an unlimited vacation policy - we just care about results - not face time

  • Gym/Fitness

    You're going to get in the best shape of your life - that's for sure. Free training!

  • Flexible Hours

    Super flexible - we just case about results

  • Work from Home

    Again, super flexible give our early stage

  • Health Insurance

    We provide comprehensive medical insurance

  • Company Retreats

    Since we're fully remote, we like to get to know each other in person in fun destinations

  • Pet Friendly

    Pets are welcome in the office space our CEO works out of in SF

Our Team by the Numbers

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