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Did you know that insurance companies issue over $1.3 trillion in premiums each year, just in the United States alone? While recent insurance tech firms like Lemonade and Metromile are focused on the frontend consumer experience of insurance, the backend of the insurance industry is largely unchanged and very few companies are focused on disrupting it.

That's where Ledger Investing comes in.

When an insurance company issues policies, they have to keep enough money reserves on hand to cover losses that may occur years later. The amount of reserves they're required to keep can be substantial and only the largest insurance companies are sophisticated enough to invest their reserves responsibility. If you're familiar with Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway, he's famous for consistently generating market-beating returns using his reserves, to the point where his firm has probably made more from his investments than the insurance company itself!

Financing isn't a unique problem to the insurance industry. Mortgage lenders also need to get back the capital they lend out, otherwise they get meager returns over 30 years. But, the difference is that the mortgage industry has been able to sell (AKA securitize) mortgage loans as mortgage-backed securities for over 50 years, so lenders can get their cash back and make new loans instead of being tied down for 30 years.

We're doing something similar for insurance industry by making insurance risk an investible asset class. By building a holistic platform, marketplace, and real-time analytics, we help:

  • Insurance companies use Ledger to get capital faster with more flexible terms
  • Investors invest in insurance to diversify their portfolio with returns that aren't correlated to the broader market

And it's working. We have multiple sources of revenue, and the traction on each one is growing by leaps and bounds with strong interest.

There are plenty of interesting problems to solve. We're looking for curious, passionate, and friendly engineers to join the team to help us transform the industry.

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