251 - 500 employees
51 - 100 engineers
$100m+ funding
Series c

Our Story Millions of Americans struggle financially every year. For many, a poor credit score can mean limited access to quality financial products, or options that lead to a recurring cycle of debt. This is a big problem, but one that LendUp has set out to solve.

Our Point of View We believe that everyone should have access to quality financial services, provided with dignity, transparency, and care. Founded in 2011, LendUp is focused on helping expand access and choice for the half of Americans who are financially underserved. We are quickly becoming the go-to destination for the Emerging Middle Class, offering them credit cards, loans, education, and other financial resources. We provide superior products, educational resources, and credit-building opportunities because we’re invested in the long-term financial health of our customers. Others are starting to take note, which is perhaps why we were selected as one of the world’s top 10 most innovative companies in personal finance by Fast Company in 2018.

With our passion for expanding financial access, along with our combined expertise in software, data science, design, financial services, and education, we are building the next generation of financial services to serve the half of America who financial institutions have shut out or mistreated. So far we’ve saved customers $200 million in fees and interest, provided well over 2 million free financial education courses, and improved credit scores by more than 600,000 points. And we’re just getting started.

LendUp is a financial technology startup, based in San Francisco, CA, and Richmond, VA, working to expand access to credit for those who have been shut out, or mistreated, by banks and financial institutions. We’re a Y-Combinator alum (YC W12) backed by prominent investors such as Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, PayPal, and many more. We currently have over 200 employees and continue to grow exponentially.

What We're Doing Millions of people don’t have access to the credit they deserve. Their financial services options are unfair and limited, and it’s easy to become trapped in a downward debt spiral. LendUp offers credit cards and loans with fair and transparent terms, paired with education and other financial resources to help put, and keep, people on a path to better financial health. Our products encourage positive financial behavior and aim to help people improve their credit over time.

We are continuing to build the next generation of dignified financial products that we believe everyone deserves — giving them back their time, money and control of their financial well-being.

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Why join us?

  • We're a mission-driven team — We care deeply about our mission to help people who need access to money and wouldn't be able to without our products. In particular, helping people going through rough times in their life is hugely rewarding. Check out our social impact here.

  • We have great monthly and annual growth — We've originated over 5 million loans, saved customers $200 million in fees and interest, provided well over 2 million free financial education courses, and improved credit scores by more than 600,000 points. And we’re just getting started..

  • You'll have ownership and impact on our team — Our engineering team is still small relative to the scale we operate at. We just hired our first VPE and you'll be joining a company with lots of traction, product market fit and you'll get a lot of responsibility.

  • We have a great team — Our founding team is exceptionally strong, Sasha our CEO has deep domain expertise in the financial world and Jake our CTO was the 80th engineer at Yahoo and was CTO of Zynga at just 28 years old. A true blend of Finance and Tech.

Engineering at LendUp

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team operates on two week cycles. Each cycle begins with a meeting to discuss time estimates for features, and ends with a demo meeting where each engineer can show off the work they've completed. Engineers work closely with Product Managers and other interested parties, then work on the feature individually. All engineers are also empowered to push code to production, which we often do several times a day.

Technical Challenges
  • We're currently going through the process of breaking up our monolithic infrastructure and switching to using micro services. Joining now will be a good time to have input into how we do that.

  • We're rolling out new products which present novel challenges, e.g. this year we'll be shipping 100,000's of credit cards throughout the US - the first time we've done that.

  • As we continue to grow, we need to scale our infrastructure while doing some securely and reliably, as we handle sensitive financial data.

Projects you might work on
  • lead the migration of our core decisioning platform to a new infrastructure.

    play a major role in rearchitecting our application flow from the ground up.

    guide our engineers in decomposing our monolithic application into coarse grained services.

Tech stack
React Native

Working at LendUp

What we believe in: *Craftsmanship. We take pride in what we build and how we do it. *Pragmatism. We focus on work that drives business value and furthers our mission. *Collaboration. Diverse viewpoints and strong teamwork leads to better solutions.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Free Food
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Beautiful Office
  • Pet Friendly
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • Team Activities
  • Health Insurance
  • Flexible Hours
  • Philanthropic Contributions
  • Relocation
Our Team by the Numbers

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