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Next-gen retail experiences are here, from ARKit stores to virtual try-on to 3D on the web. But creating these experiences means creating 3D models of thousands of products. Today, teams of artists slog through this process, outputting a few models per day. Lightbox has invented a new approach to 3D scanning that produces pixel-perfect results with the push of a button. No artists. This means a 12x reduction in content creation costs and a striking boost in visual quality. Our team of Penn and Stanford engineers wants to digitize all the world's products and bring retail into the 3D age.

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Why join us?

  • We're trying things that have never been tried in computer graphics—picking up where the scientific literature left off. Our entire team (founders included) is deeply technical. If you're a coder who likes spending more time thinking than typing, you'll enjoy working here.

  • Our company is a graduate of the Alchemist Accelerator, ranked by Forbes as a platinum tier accelerator. We were the first of our cohort of 17 to land VC funding after demo day.

  • We have $10k+ pilot contracts with large clients ($10b+ revenue) that have already been paid out. We don't need help with selling, only with building.

Engineering at LightboxVR

Engineering team and processes

Our team is too small to have formal engineering processes. We tend to decide as a group what projects should be completed by which engineers and leave the actual attacking of the problem up to you. You won't be micromanaged. Expect to participate in a quick morning meeting and as-needed brainstorming sessions.

Technical Challenges

Abstracting and compressing the data from thousands of images collected during our scanning process down to a few megabytes, then streaming that data to the end-user. We're also building some incredible AR/VR demos that showcase, for the first time, the power of human-eye resolution experiences.

Projects you might work on
  • An upcoming project is to build a streaming algorithm for our scan files . We will be borrowing techniques used in video compression/streaming (H264, MPEG DASH, etc.) to build something entirely new.

  • One of our past projects has been to build a completely new kind of rendering engine from scratch. Code was written in Metal & Swift and runs on an iPad. See the results on our website at

Tech stack

Working at LightboxVR

We take the time to get things right.

Perks & benefits
  • Team Activities

    We spend a day in nature at least once a month. Usually that means camping in one of the nearby state parks.

  • Generous Vacation

    We offer an unlimited vacation policy.

  • Transportation

    We'll subsidize your commute. We believe it should be as easy/delightful as possible to come in to work.

  • Beautiful Office

    Recently moved into a beautiful space near Fruitvale called Artthaus Studios. Ceilings that are 20ft tall and—get this—actual sunlight! Set up your workstation however you like. You can bring your own desk, or we'll buy one of your choosing.

Our Team by the Numbers

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