11 - 25 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Series a

We are an adtech company whose mission is to add cryptography and blockchain to our stack so that we can take out the wasteful middlemen. We are also a heavy user of Google cloud and Tensor flow to help automate all of our systems and to tune the yield for our customers. We are a profitable company with large clients and have explosive growth. Honestly we are probably the coolest company here and don't waste your time with the others. You get to play with cryptography, tensor flow, polymer 3.0 front end, web sockets, and a deluge of data. billions of events a day

Why join us?

  • Already profitable

  • Experiencing massive growth

  • Founders have started highly successful companies

  • We are just fun and cool to work at

  • It's hard

Engineering at Madhive

Engineering team and processes

Scrum, two weeks sprints, highly iterative. We usually have a sliding window of 6 months for our tech debt. We often burn down and build again. We invest in people not so much in code. We also do random research into different principles to just add to our tool box. For instance a deep dive into traceable ring signatures, bulletproofs, differential privacy, token curated registries (they suck), etc

Technical Challenges

A massive deluge of data. Very tight deadlines for responses

Projects you might work on
  • Backend: working on a low latency massive data pipeline, trying to add cryptography carefully to add value but not slow things down

  • Frontend: showing in a useful way a visualization of huge datasets. Also using of tensorflow.js to help users automate their tasks. All connected to google Firestore with a polymer 3 front end.

  • Building a blockchain from scratch

Tech stack
Google Cloud

Working at Madhive

Light hearted family that cares about one another. We tackle hard problems in a tough industry so it's definitely a fox hole mentality. We also have a very high bar for engineers

Perks & benefits
  • Free Food

    Usually lunch, and lots of snacks and drinks

  • Beautiful Office

    We are in a pre war building a lot of character.

  • Pet Friendly

    Token and Maddy the mini wiener dogs and mascots of Madhive. Oh and Carmen occasionally, she is interesting.

  • Health Insurance


  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    A couple of months

  • Team Activities

    drinking usually

  • Relocation
  • Workshops/Conferences
Our Team by the Numbers

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