Web Developer

New York • $120k - $200k • 0.00% - 0.25%


Role Location

  • New York


  • $120k - $200k
  • 0.00% - 0.25%


11 - 25 people


41 E 11 Th St Fl 11
New York, NY, 10003, US

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Meteor
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

Role Description

Our mission is to help companies across the world improve their customer experiences through streamlined quality assurance practices, customer support coaching, and data driven reporting.

Even more important than skills is being a great culture fit - so that we all can have amazing work relationships that energize us everyday. As a senior engineer, you will have great influence on how we build our team and our platform as we scale.

What makes a great fit for Maestro?

You want to be pushed and challenged by the people around you to open your mind, change your opinion, and spin every obstacle in your way as an opportunity for growth.

You want a work environment where people hold each other accountable. Giving transparent and honest feedback for the betterment of that human being and the team is so important you.

You don't want work to be a clock-in, clock-out vibe. You truly value building meaningful relationships with the people you spend tens of hours with. This means you want to learn about people's interests, hobbies, lives, and want people to take an interest in yours. For you, work is a place to build another community and not just a means to afford the community you have outside of work.

Lastly, you want to live like an owner and not just accept but embrace the responsibility that comes with it (trust, autonomy, flexibility, clear impact,. etc.). You want to go somewhere that encourages you to act like it's your own business that you share with everyone and a place that isn't worried about the politics of stepping on each others toes.

Engineering at MaestroQA Our customers are the focus point of all engineering decisions and our goal is always how to help our customers provide loyalty-driving conversations with their customers. We do this by working closely with our sales and customer success teams as well as communicating directly with customers. The insights gained from these conversations inform our engineering roadmap and ensure we have a clear vision and purpose behind the work we do.

With our customers at the center of our product decisions, we aim to provide them with intuitive interfaces and seamless integrations. We work quickly and iterate to provide an amazing product while still focusing on well designed architecture and readable code. We're looking for engineers who embrace these aspects and who are eager to contribute on all levels of our product.

You will: - Have the opportunity to work across the whole range of our application and infrastructure - Work on major parts of our dashboard - Communicate directly with customers and internal teams to help define our roadmap - Help or own launches onto new platforms - Have input on tools and technical decisions

The best applicants will likely:

  • Have 4+ years experience building production software applications
  • Thrive in a dynamic environment with varied responsibilities
  • Have a good understanding of development and architecture best practices
  • Have an eagerness to experiment, a determination to contribute, and a drive recognize problems and swiftly remedy them
  • Have experience building, refactoring, maintaining large javascript applications

Pay, Perks & Such:

At Maestro, we are in the family-phase. The biggest perk by far is the opportunity to learn by working on the ground floor and getting to actually build the roller coaster versus just ride it. We provide competitive salaries, stock options and benefits like health coverage, 401k, team events, and more!

About maestroqa.com

We're a platform that helps companies better train, coach, and analyze their customer service teams so that every company can have great customer experiences

Company Culture

We take culture very seriously, and believe the people you spend your time with and how you build those relationships and behaviors are essential to not just business level things like performance and retention, but also overall life happiness and satisfaction.

As a result, we're focused on building a high trust, high autonomy workplace where people enjoy working together and are empowered to do their best work.

We have core values, behaviors, and benefits that help us build towards this which I'd be excited to talk about.

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