Maven Clinic

51 - 100 Employees
11 - 25 Engineers
$25M - $50M Funding
Series B

We provide a dedicated care advocate for women (and their families) during pregnancy and postpartum. We drive better outcomes (lower high risk births, lower c-section rates, better return-to-work results) through our care team, 45+ specialities accessible via 24-7 telehealth, in-home, and more.

Why join us?
  • Growing fast (14x YoY, Q3/Q4 will be 3-5x Q1)

  • Well funded (20mm cash), great investors, female majority board and management team

  • Addressing an underserved segment (moms and parents of all forms)

  • Adoption by large companies (Fortune 50+) is accelerating quickly

Engineering at Maven Clinic
Engineering team and processes

Two week sprints, of which about 60% are product-led initiatives (new product lines, features, etc), 40% engineering-led (refactors, internal tooling, security, infra, etc). Multi-platform with approximate parity (iOS/swift, Android/kotlin, Web/react, Backend/Python + Flask + SQL Alchemy, on GCP/Kubernetes). We use self-hosted tools where possible (Gitlab, CI/CD).

Technical Challenges

Security is paramount as we're dealing with healthcare data at our users' most critical life junction (having a child). We want to balance moving fast but not breaking things. We do video/audio chats via WebRTC.

Projects you might work on
  • You could own a massive new product line from start to finish, covering complex use cases like programatically issuing physical credit cards, handling complex authorization chains, integration into multiple platforms (web, internal tools, iOS, Android apps), through rollout to the market

  • You could own building our internal automated 'honest broker' that lives between our databases and analytics and other third parties. (Honest Brokers are neutral soil between private healthcare data and first/third parties. They provide contractual guarantees about what services/entities are allowed to access which pieces of data.)

Tech stack
Google Cloud

Working at Maven Clinic

Thoughtful, empathetic,

Generous Vacation

20 PTO days, mandatory (I will make sure you take time off!)

Company Retreats

Every summer the entire company heads up to the Adirondacks Mountains for 3 days (during the week: we don't burn your weekend for it)

Maternal/Paternal Leave

For all parents: paid 12 week 'dark period', paid 2 week 'ramp period' (work from home)

Health Insurance
Flexible Hours

We're in office ~10 through ~ 6. Most of our team does 1-2 days/week WFH. We have no meeting Wednesday/Fridays.

Work from Home

Most engineering team members do 1-2x/week WFH.

Free Food

Tons of snacks, healthy options, coffee, weekly team lunch, Friday breakfast

Team Activities
Beautiful Office

Super convenient spot @ Canal & Broadway, renovated old school NYC loft.


Most engineers attend a conference every year.


Equity, of course

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