MedMe Health

11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

As selling drugs becomes automated & less profitable while healthcare costs skyrocket, we believe that pharmacies will transform from stores selling drugs to community health hubs — where anyone can get accessible, quality, and proactive care. And we want to be the technology backbone to accelerate this transformation.

Our web-based platform has already been used by 7M+ patients, 30K+ pharmacists, and 1900+ pharmacies coast to coast. COVID-19 has sped-up legislations and created immediate demand for our platform, and most immediately we're helping Canadians get their COVID vaccine — safely and accessibly.

We're a small but lean team of pharmacists, product designers, & health systems experts, our mission is to create the first, all-in-one cloud-based platform that empowers pharmacists to deliver clinical services* at scale. If you're passionate about creating impact, building inclusive products that users love, and working with a mission-driven team, join us!

*These are services like giving vaccines (flu/covid), prescribing medications, point-of-care testing, and managing chronic diseases. Read more about pharmacists scope of practice here!

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • We just signed the largest pharmacy chain in Canada and used in 20% of all pharmacies here.

  • We will be refactoring & rearchitecting our entire app in the next few months with new technologies.

  • We just closed $2.3M in funding and are profitable.

Engineering at MedMe Health

Engineering team and processes

*Process CPO (chief product officer) works alongside Clinical Ops Lead (who is the PM) - she gets requests from different departments (eng, business ,clinical, client priorities). Deadline for client will be king, but recognizing when they can’t meet client requirements in time. Two week sprints, release at the end of each sprint, when things are heavier we release weekly.

*Team Communication We have daily stand-ups on Discord Leadership does 1on1s with all team members, asynchronous and slack-based communication. They recently onboarded a PM (pharmacist) to help bridge the gap between BD and eng. Weekly sprints We meet with entire team on Mondays & Fridays - to kick off the week and review of how the week went, wins and gains as well as sense for questions or blockers. Working to bolster async communication channels; having a roadmap anyone can check.

*Engineering Philosophy * We appreciate test-driven development. They work on cutting edge tech and they are not afraid trying new things and experiments for what makes most sense. Engineering growth, room for experimentation, close collaboration. Might move backend from Java 8 to Node, starting by creating micro-service in Node and then evaluating from there if they should proceed further.

Technical Challenges

Near-term: refactoring existing code base and fixing accumulated tech debt, while fulfilling requests of enterprise clients. Long-term: adding layers of modularity within the platform to provide customization for different enterprise customers. enabling different customers adding different custom services.

Projects you might work on
  • Refactoring existing code base from Java to Node.JS and implementing more DevOps

  • Responding to urgent COVID-19 feature requirements balancing process, platform stability, and the urgency required. Our pharmacists serve on the frontlines of the pandemic and every feature shipped is deeply impactful to their patients and practice

  • Working with 3rd party digital health platforms (eg. archaic EHRs/pharmacy software, remote monitoring devices) to facilitate integration and data interoperability that allows pharmacists to deliver more personalized, proactive care

Tech stack
Spring Boot

Working at MedMe Health

We have a start-up culture where we stay on our toes ready to pivot to support new vaccine rollouts, legislation changes, or just better product ideas.

We’re looking for candidates who share this entrepreneurial spirit and are comfortable leading within ambiguity.

A key to making this culture work is clear and open communication.

Every team member cares about feedback, enjoys collaboration, and communicates clearly and effectively.

Engineering growth, room for experimentation, close collaboration.

Diversity and Inclusion

ESAT score

Quarterly (+more frequent) in-person team retreats, founder 1on1s

Professional Development stipend

Connect with our team during your hiring process

As part of our commitment to an inclusive workplace, we are happy to offer prospective engineers the chance to connect with our engineering employees who come from underrepresented backgrounds. It’s a way to get a better sense of our team and what it might be like to work with us.

If you’re interested in connecting with our team, be sure to bring this up during one of our introductory calls!

Perks & benefits
  • Company Retreats

    Remote-first with quarterly team retreats in person!

  • Workshops/Conferences

    Professional development stipend and encouragement for conference talks

  • Work from Home

    Fully remote

  • Women-led company
  • Minority-led company
  • Visa Support
  • Social impact driven
  • Serves underrepresented populations
  • Flexible Hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Team Activities
  • Prioritizes diversity in hiring
  • Gym/Fitness
Our Team by the Numbers
Engineering team

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