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26 - 50 Employees
11 - 25 Engineers
$25M - $50M Funding

Messari's mission is to promote transparency and smarter decision-making within the cryptoasset community. We are building an open data library and market intelligence tools to help researchers, investors, and regulators make sense of the industry.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • We are a mission focused team with the deep expertise necessary to execute across tech, finance, and the rapidly growing cryptoasset industry.

  • We are a tech first company combining powerful data tools with cutting edge cryptoeconomics to solve a very real problem.

  • We are backed by leading investors in the cryptoasset industry like Blockchain Capital and Galaxy Digital, as well as early stage VCs like Floodgate and Initialized.

Engineering at Messari

Engineering team and processes

First, our philosophies:

We are API first and strive to follow a ubiquitous language (our domain model is printed on a giant poster on the wall).

Our backend code closely follows the clean architecture and we write mostly Go microservices, and node.js for ad hoc or small systems, and sometimes even Java! Since our architecture is layered, we stub the adapter layer so our developers can write integration tests and be confident things are working without running the whole system.

We also do some synthetic testing of our API. (since our API includes real time market data we maintain an obsession with monitoring it for availability and anomalies).

The backend is managed by Kubernetes and deployments by Helm (continuously deployed via a CI/CD pipeline).

Our frontend is React in Typescript. Our frontend engineers work very closely with the rest of the company, often sitting next to them or talking over video chat to collaborate. We work pretty hard to make sure our React app renders fast and the experience feels snappy to the end users.

Now, our product management process:

We have a 2 year vision, a 6 month vision, and a 4 week vision. Every 2 weeks (not an exact science) we re-evaluate our progress towards our goals based on: customer requests, developer output, and tech debt and then adjust projects as necessary.

We use Trello/Kanban for tracking features and Github Issues for bugs. Engineers are expected to communicate to the rest of the company via Trello the progress of the features they're working on. Slack is optional... but a lot of fun.

Technical Challenges
  • Running various blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) nodes and querying them for data in real time (transactions per hour, supply created per block, transactions for sensitive accounts/addresses etc.)
  • Standardized alerting interface across blockchains (get an iOS notification when Satoshi moves their BTC)
  • A system that subscribes to the raw trades from many cryptocurrency exchanges, computes a weighted average price across thousands of markets in real time over WebSockets, HTTP, and in an InfluxDB time series database.
  • A system that computes financial and risk metrics (ROI, sharpe ratio, volatility, etc.)
  • Crawling the web for substantive news events around various blockchain projects, people, and organizations
Tech stack

Working at Messari

Stay hungry, open to growth, commitment to excellence.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Beautiful Office

    Roof deck on Bryant Park!

  • Team Activities

    We believing in leveling up as a team, and host weekly learning sessions (with free beer!) on new ideas in tech and crypto.

    Also: Settlers, Starcraft, Yankees, Cornhole, Poker...

  • Relocation

    We ❤ NY, and are happy to help you get set up here.

  • Transportation

    Commuter benefits through WageWorks.

  • Pet Friendly
  • Work from Home
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • Flexible Hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Company Retreats

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