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$5M - $10M Funding
Pre-Series A

We're combining the best parts of Web3, social, chat, NFT marketplace, and NFT buy / sell Instagram-like feed to build a place that crypto will truly hang out. Our tech stack is Elixir / Phoenix + Vue.js hosted on

Why join us?

  • We've got the biggest whales in crypto already using our app within hours of each NFT collection launching. eg, Cryptopunks, BAYC. As for numbers, we've got > 15% for each of the first two collections, and we've only been live for a few weeks.

  • Our founding team is a combo of crazy marketing + seasoned technology leadership who are connected to everyone in the crypto and NFT space.

  • Our investor list is the best you'll ever see. 3x oversubscribed.

  • Our team is smart and nice. Best combo.

  • We're all hungry to go get it. LFG.

Engineering at Metalink

Engineering team and processes

Our product development team operates on a weekly sprint cycle with a combination of scrum + kanban (scrum-ban) agile methodologies including time-boxed development with measured investment in each stage to ensure maximum efficiency.

We do sprint pre-planning, sprint planning, demos, retrospectives, and daily standup.

Technical Challenges

scaling and reliability of a chat app are of the utmost important for user experience (UX). and of course keeping transactions safe.

Projects you might work on
  • build an NFT marketplace inside a chat app utilizing the wyvern protocol and opensea smart contracts.

  • build an NFT swap mechanism on top of the 0x protocol.

  • build a highly performant chat app using Elixir / Phoenix + Vue.js

Tech stack

Working at Metalink

believing that we can truly change the world and working super hard to do it better than anyone else.

Diversity and Inclusion

we want smart, nice, hard-working people to work with.

leave your race, gender, age at the door. see above.

we're all the same, work hard, and your work will show.

Perks & benefits
  • Health Insurance
Our Team by the Numbers
Engineering team

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