Metaview Entertainment Inc.

11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

Metaview is building the definitive mobile-first, gaming video content platform spotlighting the best clips and highlights from the games, creators and communities you love. Try out the Alpha iOS app at! FYI: we are slowly coming out of Stealth (we're not on Linkedin).

We are innovating the way top content and influencers/creators are curated and consumed from the games and communities gamers love. We are building a new social-video gaming content platform from scratch and are aiming to leave a lasting mark in the gaming and content industry. We are looking for exceptional, deeply passionate technologists, gamers, and content creator & esports fans to take on this journey with us.

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Active Roles
Why join us?
  • Our founding team is led by former Twitch and Xbox leaders with deep ties to content creators / influencers, esports, video game development, and live streaming technology and tools. Our team has deep experience with the entire video content creator ecosystem having worked on multiple large scale, content creator and community products as well as premium gaming content and esports partnerships (e.g. Overwatch League, League Championship Series).

  • Our company is backed by a bold, strategic corporate along with an exclusive group of executive level angel investors and advisors from various current and former leadership ranks of companies such as Twitch, PUBG, Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, WME/Endeavor, Epic Games, Netease, Take Two Interactive and XRM Media.

  • We're currently an 11 person, Seed stage company looking for two (2) more key tech hires to support our global product launch and next funding event. These hires will be instrumental in the backbone of our product, culture and success.

Engineering at Metaview Entertainment Inc.
Engineering team and processes

Metaview engineering is a mostly remote team that uses agile methodology and operates on a two-week sprint cycle. We have 2-3 video call touch points per week, and we like to maintain meeting free days on Wed & Thu to stay in the zone. We use Slack for daily communication, JIRA for project management, and Discord for our team gaming sessions.

Everyone pushes code into production. We use a PR checkpoint for code reviews which are primarily handled through Github. Right now, the team is grouped between Web & Mobile engineering, however we all work closely on and contribute to our API, systems, and team processes + culture.

Technical Challenges

Content Recommendation System: if you know gaming, you know that not all Fortnite (or any other game) videos/clips are alike. Metaview is building systems to best align various content with intended audience, and we'll be using ML as part of that content discovery engine.

Video Pipeline (ingest, transcode, CDN, player): delivering video on mobile devices continues to be complex, and if you're interested in learning more about video systems, then Metaview is a great place to be! We'll be looking to transition to a more custom video solution over the next 6 months to better serve our customers.

Content Creation Tools & Analytics: we're investing in new ways for gaming content creators / influencers to curate and publish awesome moments on both web & mobile and better understand the downstream impact of their Metaview content.

Projects you might work on
  • Description: Build & optimize the custom content management system and workflow for the Metaview content team to upload content to our systems multiple times a day/week.

    Full-stack Eng role: You would build the application (client UI + server) for content upload & management, connect to various APIs for content retrieval and upload (both REST and GraphQL), build the content scheduler in Cloud Functions, and deploy the project to AWS or GCP.

    Supporting team: Head of Product would help to define + scope the project (spec), Design would provide all UI assets

  • Description: Recommendation Algorithm

    Full-stack Eng role: You would own the algorithm that powers content recommendation in the iOS app, and you would lead other parts of the team to make sure the correct signals are being tracked. Alongside the mobile engineering team, you would contribute to the algorithms inclusion in the app and help to test its effectiveness. When there is enough content, you would research and build machine learning into the algo (e.g. using TensorFlow) to better tweak the recommendations for each user.

    Supporting team: Head of Product to help to define + scope the project (spec), Mobile engineering to implement the customer-facing experience

  • Description: iOS Comments

    Mobile Eng role: You would own development of comments in the Metaview iOS app. This project would include building out the UI (all views + transitions) as well as building the necessary API functions to populate the app with data / manage UGC moderation.

    Supporting team: Head of Product to help to define + scope the project (spec), Director of Mobile engineering would provide guidance & code review, Design would provide all UI assets

Tech stack
Google Cloud Platform

Working at Metaview Entertainment Inc.

We're a professional, authentic and driven team aspiring to create a lasting experience in the gaming video and content creation world. Given our common interests and passion to succeed, we have a tight knit family feel and enjoy building together. During covid, we're a completely remote/WFH team — we all meet together at least 2x a week, beginning-of-week all hands and end-of-week happy hour. All of our team members stay in active daily contact with each other and their respective teams.

We all have a passion for gaming, content creators/influencers and/or esports but please note this is absolutely not a requirement! We welcome and encourage all candidates interested in Metaview and our roles to learn more about these segments — we're a great way to break into this field too.

Metaview Operating Tenets: (1) Content is King/Queen (2) Work Backwards toward your Goal (3) Test & Validate (4) Ownership (5) Support Each Other (6) Values & Integrity


When it's non-covid times, we travel to most major gaming events (E3, TwitchCon, major esports events, etc) and visit our major content partners.

Flexible Hours

We are flexible, especially when it comes to time zones — we have folks working in all three US time zones. We have common online hours together , but each individual's responsibility is to manage their own time and hit team agreed upon dates and deliverables.

Health Insurance

We provide health insurance to all employees.


When it's non-covid times, we travel to most major gaming events (E3, TwitchCon, major esports events, etc. ) and visit our major content partners.

Team Activities

During non-covid times, we have regular team outings and activities .

For now, we do weekly team happy hours over video. We often game together and have been playing party games including Golf with Friends, Fall Guys and Jack Box Games. We switch it up and have fun — one of our last happy hours our Head of Content Production streamed American Truck Simulator playing as his trucker persona toolofworr.

We try to keep it fun during these times :)

Work from Home

Absolutely. When covid is over, we'll have an office HQ and have flexible WFH and remote working arrangements.


Yes, once covid is over, we'll help any of our employees that want to move to HQ (SF/LA) if / when appropriate!

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