Senior Software Engineer

Remote • $120k - $160k

Mochila Fulfillment

Role Location

  • Remote


$120k - $160k


51 - 100 people


1189 Wilmette Avenue
Wilmette, IL, 60091, US

Tech Stack

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Scala
  • Java
  • React
  • MySQL

Role Description

Mochila tackles some of the most complex, cutting-edge optimizations in e-commerce logistics, determining the fastest and lowest-cost ways for shipping products to customers across a network of fulfillment centers spread across the country for some of the leading e-commerce brands. We design, build, and support our own software systems and tools. Our Java/Scala based backend systems include complex algorithms to optimize operations, integrations with many external systems (e.g. Shopify, FedEx, UPS, etc), and a variety of different web applications for our different users. Clients manage their accounts and orders via a rich react web application. Warehouse managers oversee and manage operations via rich react based web application as well. Other warehouse staff perform tasks through wizard style web applications to perform tasks such as packing boxes and shipping. Our warehouses also use a custom Android application to perform tasks throughout the warehouse such as picking inventory for shipping, receiving new inventory, inventory audit, etc.

Improvements to these systems require working with warehouses and clients to understand business requirements, and then figuring out how to build the best software to meet those business needs. You will need to be able to work with requirements that are often ambiguous, asking the right questions to understand the context of the business to ultimately come up with the right software to build.

Since we write our own software, we run and support our own software. You will need to build software that you can support. We run on Google Cloud using Kubernetes and MySQL with a variety of supporting services.

You don't need to be an expert in any one technology. You just need to be eager to learn and always working to improve your core development skills that apply regardless of the technology used. Be curious about who you are building the software for. Our tools span users with very difference goals for their job, with some being internal users, and some external. Pixel perfect UI/UX is much more important for our client facing tools, where as simple/functional is the priority for internal tools. These differences impact the user experiences we create, the technology we use, and how we design our tools & systems.

About Mochila Fulfillment

Mochila Fulfillment is building proprietary software and robots that enable the assembly and shipping of orders for today’s leading e-commerce brands with very high degrees of accuracy, customization, and speed. We started operations in August 2013, founded by an Amazon logistics veteran with 10 years of experience in various executive and operating roles. We are pairing sophisticated, reliable, and scalable order fulfillment with the complex, custom packaging requirements and fast shipping required by leading e-commerce brands.

Our clients, including many well-known fashion and home goods brands, are growing rapidly.

Company Culture

Everyone at Mochila must be a team player. We are a small company dedicated to providing a world-class fulfillment experience, so everyone has to work together to ensure that our customers are taken care of: packages ship on time, inventory is accurate, and our systems are always up. This necessitates a lot of collaboration across operations and software since the users of our systems are highly varied: a client seeking to analyze their business using our client portal, a developer looking to integrate with out APIs, or a staff member processing orders in one of our fulfillment centers.

What makes Mochila different from other fulfillment services providers is not just our technology platform - which we do believe is superior - but also our operations leadership. We have smart leaders managing our fulfillment centers, leaders who don't just execute through their teams but who also innovate through process design and who play a big role in shaping the requirements of our software and how it operates in our fulfillment center.

Finally, we are humble: No one claims to have the definitive answer, and we are all willing to roll up our sleeves to get the work done and build something great.

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