26 - 50 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Series a

Our platform allows shippers to book and connect freight with a nearby truck in under a minute. They save time and receive optimal rates while enjoying a paperless process and access to real-time tracking.

Driver partners earn more and set their businesses on auto-pilot when we fill otherwise wasted space with optimally routed freight, eliminate the need for after hours paperwork and pay them out instantly.

Why join us?

  • Backed by the same VC's behind Uber, Instagram, Snap and Zillow.

  • Our CTO is formerly head of engineering, respectively, at Skurt, which was acquired by He has deep experience with logistics marketplace technologies.

  • We are the primary logistics backbone & API for major companies like Bird, Lyft & Staples.

Engineering at Mothership

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team currently works on one-week sprints with weekly retro's. After careful planning and task allocation, engineers will generally work at their own pace throughout the week, leading to a peer review near the end of week or early the following week.

We are a sharp group of innovative engineers who are not afraid to approach problems with some out-of-the-box thinking. Because of this, we highly encourage group planning and architecture meetings where even the craziest of ideas are supported and evaluated. We strongly believe that to make a big impact you need to do things the next person wouldn't. We don't shy away from this challenge, we run towards it at full speed.

Technical Challenges

Our system automatically dispatches shipments to drivers all around the country based on a complicated machine learning system. The drivers' proximity to the shipment is only a small portion of the algorithm. The system takes into account historical driving patterns and preferences, traffic conditions, projected new shipments along the route... etc. Because of this, we have one of the hardest on-demand marketplace logistics problems to solve. It's not a one-job-one-driver system - one driver might be allocated to 5 or 6 different loads all of which have strict requirements of when they can be picked-up/dropped-off - think traveling salesman with dozens of node-specific variables.

We also integrate with dozens of legacy carrier API systems that require us to standardize I/O across the board to provide a seamless experience to the customer. These systems are often so rudimentary that we take it upon ourselves to build out extensive functionality on top of their existing system.

On the front end we are challenged with several complicated react application requiring performant real-time maps with hundreds or even sometimes thousands of markers. Traditional approaches would screech a map like this to sub 10fps rendering. However, our engineers have built out custom Web-GL layers boosting our render performance to 50+ fps even on the most demanding of maps.

Additionally, our systems demands hundreds of complicated sagas across dozens of store modules, not to mention most of them operating in real-time. For a front end react dev this would likely be one of the most robust, yet interesting systems to build upon.

Projects you might work on
  • You will be working on one of the most complicated route optimization and dispatch system of any on-demand marketplace. Our strict node-specific variables introduce an order of magnitude of complexity to each route making this one of the most interesting and rewarding routing systems to be a part of.

  • You will be rebuilding and maintaining our several complex customer, driver and internal react applications using the latest in react technologies (hooks, sagas, context api.... etc).

  • Our backend system is the silent back-bone to over a thousand logistics operations. Companies like Bird, Lyft and Staples rely heavily on our API's, shipping portals and dashboards to keep their businesses in motion.

Tech stack
React Native

Working at Mothership

We are hackers at heart who run fast and do more with less. Our unlimited vacation policy and office amenities are only but a small perk atop the endless stack of interesting and complicated problems to solve. Engineers at Mothership crave building and adopting the latest and greatest technologies.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited vacation policy

  • Free Food

    Catered lunches & unlimited snacks and drinks

  • Beautiful Office

    We are located in the heart of bustling Culver City where companies like Apple and Amazon and quickly snatching up real estate all around us. We have a beautiful two story, floor to ceiling windowed free-standing office with ample paid parking. We are only a few minutes walk from the metro station.

  • Pet Friendly

    Our CTO's dog Lana is here most days and so long as it's not a distraction, other dogs are occasionally welcome to come spend the day at the office.

  • Company Retreats

    We often take the company for outings and team bonding, everything from bowling and drinks to weekend retreats.

  • Flexible Hours

    Most of our engineers work fairly regular work schedules, although no schedule is enforced. We understand that every works differently and we encourage people to work when they are most productive.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full health, dental and vision (PPO)

  • 401(k) Contribution

    We offer a matching 401(k) plan up to 4%.

  • Team Activities

    We have Board Game night, Lunch and Learns, Whiskey Tasting, and more.

  • Relocation

    We want the best of the best no matter where you are. We will work with you to make the move as easy as possible.

Our Team by the Numbers

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