251 - 500 employees
101 - 250 engineers
$100m+ funding
Series a

MotoRefi is a ~4 year old company that saves people money through an online, transparent, and customer-friendly auto loan refinance process. We partner with credit unions and community banks to offer competitive rates from trustworthy organizations. While our core business continues to grow aggressively, we are also expanding into new ways to improve our customers' financial health. We recently raised our Series A.

Why join us?

  • Over 300% growth in funded loans and revenue in the past 12 months (many months with ~30% month-over-month growth).

  • We lower our customers' APR by ~5% and save them ~$100/mo on average. Some customers realize double digit reduction in APR.

  • Our current stage provides a seasoned engineer with a healthy mix of familiar and novel challenges, and a high degree of agency to solve them.

  • We have positive margin contribution with a realistic path to overall profitability.

Engineering at MotoRefi

Engineering team and processes

The key tenet of our structure and processes is that nothing is sacred and everything is subject to analytical scrutiny. We seek to continuously improve our processes while also limiting churn to a level the team is comfortable with. Though we have adopted some parts of Agile, Lean, and other formal management approaches, our culture demands critical examination of what actually works to avoid cargo cults.

Technical Challenges

Our growth and expansion means that our consumer web application needs to be highly polished, yet designed with sufficient flexibility to add new products, customize workflows, and cobrand with our partners. We also develop and maintain internal applications that provide significant leverage to our operations teammates. The backend that runs all of this is evolving toward an event sourced architecture that supports the highly asynchronous and multi-modal workflows we are automating.

Projects you might work on
  • A web application for loan officers that let's them view and organize customer loans at a certain stage of the process. The application subscribes to multiple event types from the event system (Google PubSub), builds a materialized view in FireStore, and renders a loan officer friendly UI in the browser (using Next.js, Vercel, and Firebase).

  • An event sourcing architecture comes with significant trade-offs. To handle the downsides operationally, various facilities have been built to support the event system. For example, we have Google Functions that persistently archive all events, schema cops that alert when events violate the payload schema, monitoring for unacknowledged message counts, and ETL to ship the data to BigQuery.

  • For transforming raw time series data to our standardized STAR schema, we write Apache Beam jobs in Scala (Python optional) that run in the managed DataFlow service.

Tech stack
Google Cloud Platform
Ruby on Rails

Working at MotoRefi

In product and engineering, we strongly focus on cross-functional collaboration for problem-solving and continuous improvement (of processes, code, documents, and anything else).

Company-wide, we subscribe to the following general values: - See people as people - Take care of each other - Commit to the mission - Move quickly and bravely - Get better every day - Seek truth

Perks & benefits
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    6-10 weeks of parental leave

  • Flexible Hours

    While we have some standing meetings, work hours are very flexible and we have engineers with a variety of lifestyles and home obligations.

  • Work from Home

    Before going full remote, team members would work from home 0-4 days per week. We will be full remote through late 2020 or early 2021.

  • Health Insurance

    Health, vision, and dental with family coverage with some plans 100% company paid.

  • Other

    Culture of learning - internal Code and Cookies mini-meetups, budget for book and classes, and opportunity for cross-functional exposure.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    Pre-COVID, engineers attended 1-2 conferences per year. More generous travel and time off are arranged for engineers speaking at conferences.

  • Generous Vacation

    4 weeks of PTO per year and holidays. PTO days are real time off and we believe in disconnecting fully (whether you travel the world or just staycation is up to you).

  • Free Food

    Arlington and Denver offices provide snacks, coffee, etc.

  • Gym/Fitness

    Arlington office has a gym on-site.

  • Beautiful Office

    Our Arlington office is a custom space designed and operated for us. It provides the conveniences of a co-working space with the quiet and privacy of a traditional office.

    Our Denver office is currently in a WeWork private office.

Our Team by the Numbers

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