26 - 50 Employees
11 - 25 Engineers
$25M - $50M Funding
Series B

Mux is an API-first video platform designed by experts to make world-class video streaming and analytics possible for every development team. Self-optimizing videos take the guesswork out of encodings, delivery, and renditions. Mux makes your video look beautiful on every device, every time.

We offer two products: Mux Video and Mux Data.

Mux Video is a simple API to advanced video streaming. Powered by data and designed by video experts, Mux Video makes beautiful video possible for every development team. Post a video or live stream with a single API call, and watch it within seconds. Mux Video handles the encoding, storage, and delivery.

Mux Data is a Quality of Experience real-time analytics platform that measures the performance metrics that actually matter to viewers: rebuffering, startup time, video quality, and errors. Our intuitive dashboard quickly gives users the insight to find issues and make improvements through features like A/B testing, industry-wide scores, alerts, and detailed information about every single video view. The product works out of the box on HTML5, iOS, Android, and major OTT platforms. All data is available via exports and APIs, making it easy to integrate Mux Data into other systems.

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Why join us?
  • We have an amazing team and a great culture.

    The Mux team is behind three of the biggest brands in video technology: Zencoder (acquired by Brightcove), Demuxed (the conference for video engineers), and Video.js (largest open source video player on the web). The team today is composed of engineers from places like Youtube, Google, and Twitch. Working with a great team at an early startup means you can own a meaningful scope of work, while working closely alongside very strong engineers.

    We're backed by top-tier investors including Accel and Y Combinator.

  • We're growing quickly and the opportunity is huge.

    We grew revenue by 3x last year and will 5x this year. Video is literally a majority of the internet, and the #3 thing humans do with their time (after sleeping and working). It's amazing that video infrastructure is still basically an unsolved problem, and whoever solves this problem is going to do something big.

  • Our tech stack is well-designed.

    We run a modern microservice architecture deployed on Kubernetes. Our back-end is built on Golang and GRPC, heavily using event-driven architectures (Kafka). We run multi-region and multi-cloud (AWS and GCP) for reliability, performance, and cost. Our front-end is a well-designed React/Redux application calling an API layer built in Elixir. We unit test and code review everything and ship via CI/CD pipelines.

Engineering at Mux
Engineering team and processes

Engineering, design, and product management work together to understand customer needs and to solve problems. Teams are somewhat self-organizing but generally follow sprint or kanban processes, with weekly sprint planning meetings and daily standups. We invest in design and architecture up front, and code review and testing along the way. Because we're building technical products for developers, the company is driven more by product and engineering than by sales, which means we're able to build high-quality software that developers love.

Technical Challenges
  • Super Bowl scale (literally). Our real-time analytics platform tracks billions of video plays each month, and scales up to tracking millions of concurrent viewers.

  • Just-in-time video transcoding. Unlike everyone else in the world, Mux Video doesn't pre-transcode video before publishing - we transcode just-in-time when the first user watches video. This gives us huge advantages, but introduces interesting technical challenges.

Projects you might work on
  • Build services to deliver real time metrics about millions of concurrent viewers from billions of data points per month.

  • Orchestrate deployments for resiliency and cost effectiveness across a multiple-cloud multiple-region environment.

Tech stack
Google Cloud

Working at Mux

Our team is close-knit; we work hard together and have fun together. Our company values are:

  • Be human
  • Turn customers into fans
  • Care obsessively
  • Do a lot with a little
  • Communicate clearly and directly *Bias for action

We have an open and transparent culture, involving everyone in the both long-term vision and short-term objectives. We hire great people and then trust them to own important parts of what we're doing.

Benefits and Perks
Generous Vacation

Flexible PTO policy

Free Food

Catered lunches, snacks, and good coffee


Gym discounts

Beautiful Office

We're working in a beautiful office space, just steps from Civic Center BART station, with catered lunches and a kitchen that's fully stocked with drinks and snacks


We encourage thought leadership in engineering and reward members of the team for speaking at conferences or writing for our blog

Maternal/Paternal Leave
Flexible Hours

As long as you get your work done and are available for stand-ups and meetings, we don't care when you're working or in the office

Team Activities

We have a game night every month, a day of learning (team offsite) every quarter, and volunteer 1-2 times per quarter as a team

Health Insurance

Competitive health, dental, and vision insurance (99% employee and 50% dependent premium coverage)

401(k) Contribution

We'll help with commuter benefits


Cell phone service and device reimbursements


We offer competitive relocation packages


We encourage team members to speak at conferences and travel to improve their skills.

Work from Home

We're flexible on working from home, and generally let our engineers work from home one day/week if they choose.

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