Myriad Genetics

Sf, silicon valley
501+ employees
101 - 250 engineers
$100m+ funding

We are looking for software engineers of all backgrounds, from web tech to the life sciences, to develop software across our entire technology stack: automation, scientific compute, data pipelines, variant calling/interpretation (bioinformatics), data visualization, risk calculations (population genetics), electronic medical records (EMR), patient and doctor user experience (UX), and solving key workflow problems in large complex health systems.

Engineering at Myriad Genetics

Technical Challenges

We have a varied range of technical challenges:

1) All genetic testings happens at your office in our own lab. We've written a lot of custom software to automate the lab operations and bring costs down.

2) Computational work - once we have genetic data in our database, there is a lot of computation involved in identifying mutations and performing risk calculations. We then use this data to generate the final reports for consumers.

3) We write software that's deployed at hospitals by physicians to conduct surveys finding people that are eligible for and would benefit from genetic testing (e.g. parents at high risk of carrying genes related to certain diseases), and replacing the manual workflow of inviting patient with software.

4) Business engineering - we have an e-commerce website where we take orders, fulfill them, deal with insurance, integrating with insurance APIs and doing analytics on payments.

Tech stack

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